Shannon -N- Brian   Big Sur, California

Shannon -N- Brian   Big Sur, California

     "I LOVE MEL & STEVE!!!! I just wanted to start off with that, because it's the truth! If somebody just wants to read the beginning of this review, then that is all they need to know!! Mel and Steve are seriously the BEST photographers/team and they captured our engagement session and wedding perfectly!! 

     She is so incredibly talented and welcoming! My husband and I were a bit nervous about taking our engagement pictures but after the first picture was shot we were fine and had such a fun time!! It didn't feel pushed or forced at all - it was actually a ton of fun!! AND THE PICTURES -- they are so incredible!! 

     She is definitely not your average photographer - she is happy to try different things and stay clear of the cliche engagement and wedding pictures. Your photos will definitely be different than all of your friends. She has a talent to bring out your true personalities and let them shine in the photos - which makes each couples shots unique and amazing! 

     As for the wedding, she ventured to Big Sur, Cali for our wedding and her and Steve were SO incredible! They were able to capture the best shots! And they were so much fun!! Our wedding would not have been the same with out them!! Not to mention, our pictures are to die for - she captured our day perfectly. Her and Steve and seriously incredible and I couldn't imagine EVER choosing a different photographer for our engagement and wedding! 

     I just adore them both and they are the real deal!!!"

---Shannon and Brian