11-20-08 Caymbri Fenn-Anstruther / by Melanie Grizzel

11-20-08 Yesterday was Caymbri's 1 month birthday. She was born 3 weeks early to Steve's cousin Brad and his lovely wife Anna Fenn-Anstruther. In spite of of her early arrival she was basically healthy with a teensy case of Jaundice. But after a few tanning sessions she was good to go. Her happy parents are still adjusting to parenthood, but truly enjoying every moment. We got to see them when Caymbri was just a week old in California when we were there for the shower. Anna had alot of good tips for me, so I think I am in a good position for the birth of our son...soon. In the second image Anna shows off how Caymbri looks just like Brad from his birth announcement. 

thanks for looking, see you tomorrow.