Duchman Family Winery

Tracy -N- Jim Married! - Austin Wedding Photography by Melanie Grizzel

Bride and Groom Portrait Austin Tracy likes purple...alot. She even sewed a bit purple tool into you dress' under carriage. The is one of the happiest people I've met and certainly THE kissiest. That is the kissiest family I have ever met and I am pretty kissy. There is SO much love floating out there in that family, it's not hard to grab some bits here and there. I'm glad I know you. Thanks for having us.

Have an exceedingly happy life together!


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Duchman Family winery reception

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Austin Wedding photography

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Austin Wedding Photography and Design


Flower: Petal Pushers DJ:  Altared Weddings Strings: Serenade Quartet Photobooth: Max Photography Cakes: Stardust Pastry Catering: Trattoria Lisina Get away car: Antique Limousines of Austin Location: Duchman Family Winery Rings: Shafftel Diamonds

Summer special! - Free Wedding album with any package - Austin Wedding Photography by Melanie Grizzel

Austin Wedding Photography In Texas, we all know that Spring is unfortunately short and that Summer will be here before we know it.  Well, since I have been absolutely INSPIRED by this amazing Spring weather I've decided to make the impending Summer a little easier to take.

If you book any wedding package now through September 30th, for any wedding date July 1, 2011 - September 30, 2011, you will receive a complimentary wedding photo album.  Our albums are gorgeous (if I do say so myself), 8x10 landscape albums printed on matte photo-archive paper and hardbound with full-color image-wrap covers with images from your wedding.  It's the one wedding souvenir that EVERYONE looks at.  Trust me.  I still look at our wedding album from five years ago every couple of months.

You simply need to book your wedding package (any wedding package qualifies) between the dates of April 6, 2011 (today) and September 30, 2011 to qualify.  Your wedding date must fall between July 1, 2011  - September 30, 2011.

If you have any questions, or want to chat with us about your date and details shoot us an email (she@she-n-he.com) or call us at  (512-351-9314).



Austin Wedding Photography and Design

Live Studio Photobooth - Austin Wedding Photographer by Melanie Grizzel

Vintage Villas Wedding PhotoboothPhoto booths are popular, fun and a great tool when it comes to photographing all of your guests in a relaxed environment. You're guests get to choose when they're ready to be photographed and ham it up as much as they want! You can  add props or furniture to equation the bounds are limitless. Vintage Villas Wedding Photo booth

Vintage Villas Wedding Photo booth

Vintage Villas Wedding Photography booth

In the case of Amanda and Corey's photobooth at Vintage Villas, they added yellow and grey props to bring home the color and theme of their wedding. They added yellow pictures frames, mustaches, and umbrellas. They also chose a white paper background so that anything more elaborate would not compete with their design aesthetic.

Vintage Villas Photobooth

Duchman Family Winery Photography booth

Duchman Family Winery (formerly Mandola Estates Winery) with Carly and Chad's photobooth in July 2010.

They did not choose a backdrop so we provided a piece of material that had to be steamed forever before the booth opened during reception, and a great deal of retouching got rid of the rest of those wrinkles, that backdrop was promptly burned ;)

A booth also help gets photographs of people who might not make it to the dance floor or any other action in the night, it's a great way to not miss people at your wedding.

Duchman Family Winery Photo-booth

Duchman Family Winery Photobooth

Duchman Family Winery Wedding Photobooth

Duchman Family Winery Wedding Photo booth

Duchman Family Winery Wedding Photo-booth

Mandola Estates Winery Wedding Photobooth

Mandola Estates Winery Wedding Photo booth

We will be photographing a booth coming in a couple weeks at Barr Mansion. The couple would like to have photographs of every single guest and family. So they are handing out business card sized prompts for their guests to find "the photobooth" Which will be marked but it's not a traditional booth. Our photographer for that portrait session is super excited about the prospect. I'll admit, I'm a little jealous...

Austin Photobooth

Austin Photo booth

Austin Photo-booth

Austin Event PhotographyThis booth was constructed for Rackspace Austin for there company party during the tech week of SXSW. Their party was held at Kung Fu Saloon in Austin. You can see in the images that there are Space Invader characters bricked into the wall where we planned to stage the booth, using the space as out backdrop. So we chose to have props. I am not much of a builder so I tasked the super talented Jennifer Ng to do the props for the booth. She knocked it out of the park with all of her props with gaming references.

Austin Event Photographer

Austin SXSW Photography

Austin SXSW Photographer

Austin Event Photographer

Austin Event Photography

Austin Event Photography booth

Austin Wedding Photography booth

Austin Wedding Photo booth

Austin Wedding Photobooth

Austin Wedding Photo-booth

Austin Wedding Photo booth

Austin Wedding Photo booth

Austin Wedding Photography booth

Seaholm Wedding PhotographyThis booth was constructed for Leap's benefit party at Seaholm Power Plant. I thought a backdrop would be terrible in such an amazing place so we lit the wall of the building as close a we could get to it. and it looks outstanding.

Seaholm Event Photography

Seaholm Event Photography

Seaholm Event Photobooth

Seaholm Event Photo booth

Seaholm Event Photo-booth

Seaholm Wedding Photobooth

Seaholm Wedding Photo booth

Seaholm Wedding Photobooth

Seaholm Event Photography

Austin Event Photobooth

Austin Wedding Photo-booth

This booth was also for Leap , this time at Speakeasy downtown Austin. This booth was wonderful because the best place for us was a dark corner with a circle booth and a bank of windows with a street lights shining through. I used an extra long exposure to pick up the architecture of those lights. The guests were decked out in the flapper best and the night was a raging success. What a great time we all had!

Austin Wedding Photo booth

Austin Wedding Photobooth

Austin Wedding Photobooth

Austin Event Photo-booth


Austin Wedding Photography and Design