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Best of 2010 - Austin Wedding Photographer by Melanie Grizzel

Austin Wedding Photographer

It amazes me every year that passes, quicker and quicker now.

Then I get to take a look back and see where we have been... and where we are going.

This year we got to work on a few editorial projects, namely People Magazine for a story about a young father who almost lost his son forever, and the New York Times for a story about a man who reenlisted in the Navy after the military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy was over turned. The world is changing and I am excited that I get to capture those moments.

Austin Portrait Photographer

Austin Portrait Photographer

Austin Portrait Photographer

We also got to work with Door Number 3 on a campaign for Highland Lakes, travel and tourism. Three grueling hot days in August is like summer camp for creatives. Way too much fun! They call this a job!?

Austin Portrait Photographer

Austin Portrait Photographer

This year we also had the privilege of photographing many wonderful couples on their most special day. For that we were both humbled and honored. Thank you.

As an artist it is difficult to turn a critical eye on yourself. I poured through images from the entire year to try to find just the right images for this post and I realized at the last minute that the key should be, which images speak to me. These images may not be the best representation of what She-N-He is capable of or even known for, but they happen to be my personal favorites from this year. I hope you like them. For giggles, let me know which you like the most. Leave a comment with your favs.

Austin Wedding Photographer

Aileen and Jeremy -- Star Hill Ranch

Austin Wedding PhotographerBek and Donnie -- Kindred Oaks

Austin Wedding PhotographyFatiya and Chris -- Hacienda del Lago

Wedding Photography AustinBrandi and Lee -- Barr Mansion

Austin Wedding PhotographyBek and Donnie -- Kindred Oaks

Wedding Photographer AustinMeagan's Bridal -- Hacienda del Lago

Austin Wedding PhotographyBrandi and Lee -- Barr Mansion

Wedding Photographer AustinBrenna and Kyle -- Bella Note

Wedding Photographer Austin

Bek and Donnie -- Kindred Oaks

Wedding Photography AustinJuanita and John -- The Terrace Club

Wedding Photographer AustinCarly's Bridal -- Laguna Gloria

Austin Wedding PhotographerBek and Donnie -- Kindred Oaks

Wedding Photographer AustinChristy and Kai -- Chapel Dulcinea

Wedding Photography AustinCarly and Chad -- Mandola Estates Winery

Austin Wedding PhotographyMaegan and Daniel -- Kindred Oaks

Austin Wedding PhotographerJuanita and John -- The Terrace Club

Austin Wedding PhotographerKatie and Ben -- St. Ignatius Church

Austin Wedding PhotographyKatrina and Andrew --The Gardens of Cranesbury View

Austin Wedding PhotographerLauren and Caleb -- Katy, Tx

Austin Wedding PhotographyKelly and Eric -- The Inn at Pearl Street

Austin Wedding PhotographerLinsey and Marcos -- Reunion Ranch

Austin Wedding Photography

Samantha and Scott -- Brenham, Tx

Austin Wedding Photographer

Michelle and Bert -- Katy, Tx

Austin Wedding PhotographerSara and Dylan -- Mercury Hall

Austin same sex wedding photographer

Duane and DeVere - Hacienda del Lago

Austin Wedding Photography

Sam and Hanh -- Casa Blanca

Austin Wedding Photographer

Ruhi and Chandler -- Mercury Hall

Wedding Photographer AustinSara and Dylan -- Mercury Hall

Wedding Photographer AustinTricia and Jonathan -- Mansion at Judges Hill

Austin same sex wedding photographerDuane and DeVere - Hacienda del Lago

Austin Wedding PhotographerSam and Hanh -- Casa Blanca

Wedding Photography AustinSara and Dylan -- Mercury Hall

Wedding Photography Austin

Tricia and Jonathan -- Mansion at Judges Hill

We also photographed a host of families and beautiful children this year, here are a few of our favorites.

Austin Family Photography

Austin Family Photographer

Austin Family Photographer

Austin Family PhotographerLastly, we had the unique opportunity to work with students in their senior year of high school. They're straddling the edge of adolescence and  we're there to witness those last few steps, it doesn't get any better than this.

Here are a few of my personal favorites from these 2011 freshmen.

Round Rock Senior Photography

Round Rock Senior Photography

Austin Senior Photography

Round Rock Senior Photographer

Austin Senior Photographer

Round Rock Senior Photographer

Thank you so much for all of your support. I look forward to that special time in your life when you need us!

Choose your favorites. I'd love to hear what you think!


7.2.10 Bek + Donnie Married! by Melanie Grizzel

Bek + Donnie were married at Kindred Oaks at the end of of May. I LOVE Kindred Oaks, did I mention? Elaine is sucking a calming soul, such a pleasure work with on your most special day, and look at those views! for more view have a look at Maegen + Daniel's wedding, also at Kindred Oaks. 
Bek is a referral from a photographer friend of ours Hannah Day. As Hannah was a member of the wedding party she was far too busy orchestrating the day to also photograph the wedding. I was honored to have been asked to capture their moments for them.
Donnie is hearing impaired and Bek is a sign language interpreter. They're a match made in heaven. During the service they employed 2 interpreters, one male and one female to interpret each roll. They quietly and personally signed their vows, which were not translated for their guests. It was an amazing experience, it was best described by Donnie's best man, he is also hearing. He says it's amazing standing in a parking lot with a group of Donnie's hearing impaired friends and they're partying down, but all you can hear is quiet first pumps and occasional hand slaps. 
Congratulations to you both, we wish you both the happiest life together.
As always you can see a lot more images on facebook.
Thanks for having a look.

Austin Wedding Photography and Design

5-17-10 Maegan + Daniel Married! by Melanie Grizzel

I met Maegan for the first time during a bridal expo 2009, and then we chatted by phone several times and at great length. I get her and know what she likes, I know Daniel is scared of the camera. Maybe not scared, just doesn't care much for it. Maegan LOVES the camera. Our first assignment together was her bridal session. Her dress is a classic piece, with a clean vintage feel, absolutely stunning. She was looking for a Film Noir, movie classic look. We put together a style sheet and shot it at Hacienda del Lago. click < here>to view it.
After those portraits, I could hardly wait to photograph Maegan and Daniel's Big Day. Their wedding was beautiful. The sunset at, Kindred Oaks in Georgetown, was perfect that day. Her colors in various shades of purple were spot on (and trendy.) Good eye. Plus the flowers fromZuzu's Petals were a perfect compliment to their wedding with their happy spring time gerbera daisies. It was a pleasure to work with them, their friends and beautiful family.
Thank you for letting us be a part of your day.
As always you can view more images on facebook.
In other news... We completely updated every single picture in our favorite section on our website.
Please have a look! 
We are going to be making an appearance @ the Weddings Unveiled show this weekend.
Sunday May 16th, 2010 3:00-5:00
800 Ramble Creek Drive
Pflugerville, Tx 78660
We hope to see you there!
take good care.


Austin Wedding Photography and Design