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Congratulations Meagan & Diego by Melanie Grizzel

These are personal favorites from Meagan & Diego's Wedding Collection, hope you enjoy!

The Details

Venue: Tres Palmas Inn & Villas, DJ: DJ Boxhead, Catering: In-house Chef, Rentals: Melendez Rentals, Hair & Makeup: Sunset Spa Rincon, Cupcakes & Cake: The Pastry Shop, Event Planner: Ahava Events Puerto Rico

The Bride's Thoughts

"When Diego and I first started planning our wedding, we thought we'd stay in Colorado and do the norm -- find a venue, pick our caterers, send out invitations, etc -- the typical wedding way. We saw one venue and knew immediately that we couldn't have a cookie cutter wedding. This day was about us, and we wanted it to be a reflection of our personalities. Then, one day, we thought...why don't we get married on the beach!? 

So...we did. 

Our best friends are from Puerto Rico, so we knew that was the perfect place to celebrate our big day. We planned from thousands of miles away, and after losing our original venue, we put our faith in our (amazing) planner and thought, hell, we'll be on the could it possibly be a bad wedding?! 

Our day turned out far better than we could have ever imagined. The venue itself was nestled right up against the ocean. Thunderstorms are a norm in the afternoons in Puerto Rico, but the rain held out on us (hallelujah!), allowing for a phenomenal sunset. Our decor was simple, as the pure beauty of our surroundings was more than enough. We ate traditional Puerto Rican food, sipped on local Puerto Rican beers and rum, and danced the night away. 

When we initially thought about our wedding, our goal wasn't to have the fanciest linens or flowers, the best food or music; our goal was to bring everyone we held close to our hearts together to celebrate our love and create lifelong memories. Our family and friends from Paraguay, Texas and Illinois joined us on the beautiful beaches on Rincon, resulting in the best day of our lives. Thanks to Melanie and Steve, we can now relive that day over and over again." - Meagan

How to Tell a Seasoned Photographer from a Noob by Melanie Grizzel

This is one close to our hearts. Photography has been such a journey and one that I have grown and learned from. With over 10 years of experience, I'll make the claim - I am a seasoned photographer. We're also big supporters of new photographers honing their craft! It takes time and practice to find your strengths.

We feel it's important that you have the tools to make the differentiation between someone who has been in the industry for awhile and someone who is new. Here are three questions that will help with that task:

1. "Are all of the shots on your website yours?"

You may be thinking, "What a silly question, why would a photographer put photos up that they didn't take?" My response - I don't know but people do it. Especially if a photographer is new and doesn't have a large portfolio yet, they may use stock photography to show the style they're inspired by. It's an easy question with an easy answer that can provide a lot of value.

2. "Please send me a link to three full weddings you've photographed."

This is another important request to get a sense of what to expect from a photographer. You can see if the photographer is more portrait-focused or likes to capture candid shots. Which is important to you? With new photographers, they may not have three collections to share, if any at all, which is okay! Ask them to share any examples of their work they have.

3. "Do you have any references?"

All photographers should have references, period. If a potential photographer doesn't have any past clients or professional contacts who are willing to vouch for them, you shouldn't be either. Treat it as a job interview. So, when you reach out to references, ask specific questions such as:

- "How did the photographer interact with your guests?"

- "How many photos were delivered in your wedding collection?"

- "What is one thing you wish the photographer did/delivered that wasn't?"


Have a photography experience you'd like to share with us? Post a comment below or shoot us an email to Seasoned Photographer

Budgeting for Wedding Photography by Melanie Grizzel

Alright, let's get real, weddings aren't cheap. Whether you're having a small, intimate celebration or planning a big shebang, costs add up. We're not experts on everything wedding, but we are experts in wedding photography, so here's a realistic breakdown of how much of your wedding budget should be allocated for photography and why.

The Numbers: 10-12% of your budget should be dedicated to photography, JUST photography. This does NOT include videography costs. This means that if you're working with a $25,000 budget, you should be prepared to spend at least $2,500 minimum on photography.

The Facts:

- You're not just paying for the day-of shooting. You're paying for the photographers time for editing, processing, creating albums, packaging, etc. There's also pre-wedding preparation that has to happen.

- This might be a hard pill to swallow for some, but your cousin Gerry who bought a really nice DSLR camera on Black Friday is not a proper substitute for a professional photographer. When it comes to your Wedding Day, you'll want a photographer with experience. To make sure you don't end up like this couple, reference our Top 5 Questions to Ask A Potential Wedding Photographer.

- Most photographers have packages that combine multiple products/services such as a select number of prints or a complimentary album. They may also have a package that includes an Engagement shoot or Bridal Portraits. Packages are the photographers way of giving you the most bang for your buck. Pro tip: A lot of photographers are flexible and their packages can be customized. Always use the information a photographer has provided you as a starting point for a conversation, not the end.

Keep in Mind: Your photos are how you will remember your Wedding for the rest of your beautiful life together. Photographers catch the big and small moments that made your day so special. So, in our humblest opinion, photography is one expense that shouldn't be spared.

Have any photography budgeting tips? Share them in the comments below!

Congratulations Aly & Cece! by Melanie Grizzel

These are personal favorites from Aly & Cece's Wedding Collection, enjoy! 2016-08-08_0001.jpg 2016-08-08_0004.jpg 2016-08-08_0002.jpg 2016-08-08_0039.jpg 2016-08-08_0003.jpg 2016-08-08_0006.jpg 2016-08-08_0010.jpg 2016-08-08_0005.jpg 2016-08-08_0011.jpg 2016-08-08_0012.jpg 2016-08-08_0009.jpg 2016-08-08_0007.jpg 2016-08-08_0013.jpg 2016-08-08_0008.jpg 2016-08-08_0014.jpg 2016-08-08_0015.jpg 2016-08-08_0016.jpg 2016-08-08_0017.jpg 2016-08-08_0018.jpg 2016-08-08_0020.jpg 2016-08-08_0021.jpg 2016-08-08_0023.jpg 2016-08-08_0022.jpg 2016-08-08_0027.jpg 2016-08-08_0024.jpg 2016-08-08_0025.jpg 2016-08-08_0026.jpg 2016-08-08_0028.jpg 2016-08-08_0029.jpg 2016-08-08_0030.jpg 2016-08-08_0031.jpg 2016-08-08_0032.jpg 2016-08-08_0033.jpg 2016-08-08_0034.jpg 2016-08-08_0035.jpg 2016-08-08_0038.jpg 2016-08-08_0037.jpg 2016-08-08_0036.jpg 2016-08-08_0040.jpg 2016-08-08_0041.jpg 2016-08-08_0049.jpg 2016-08-08_0050.jpg 2016-08-08_0047.jpg 2016-08-08_0048.jpg 2016-08-08_0051.jpg 2016-08-08_0052.jpg 2016-08-08_0053.jpg 2016-08-08_0054.jpg 2016-08-08_0055.jpg 2016-08-08_0056.jpg 2016-08-08_0057.jpg 2016-08-08_0058.jpg 2016-08-08_0059.jpg 2016-08-08_0060.jpg 2016-08-08_0045.jpg 2016-08-08_0061.jpg 2016-08-08_0044.jpg 2016-08-08_0046.jpg 2016-08-08_0062.jpg 2016-08-08_0063.jpg 2016-08-08_0064.jpg 2016-08-08_0065.jpg 2016-08-08_0066.jpg 2016-08-08_0067.jpg 2016-08-08_0068.jpg 2016-08-08_0069.jpg 2016-08-08_0070.jpg 2016-08-08_0071.jpg 2016-08-08_0072.jpg 2016-08-08_0073.jpg 2016-08-08_0074.jpg 2016-08-08_0075.jpg 2016-08-08_0076.jpg 2016-08-08_0077.jpg 2016-08-08_0078.jpg 2016-08-08_0079.jpg 2016-08-08_0080.jpg 2016-08-08_0081.jpg 2016-08-08_0082.jpg 2016-08-08_0083.jpg 2016-08-08_0084.jpg 2016-08-08_0085.jpg 2016-08-08_0086.jpg 2016-08-08_0087.jpg 2016-08-08_0088.jpg 2016-08-08_0089.jpg 2016-08-08_0090.jpg 2016-08-08_0091.jpg 2016-08-08_0092.jpg 2016-08-08_0093.jpg 2016-08-08_0094.jpg 2016-08-08_0095.jpg 2016-08-08_0096.jpg 2016-08-08_0097.jpg 2016-08-08_0098.jpg 2016-08-08_0099.jpg 2016-08-08_0100.jpg 2016-08-08_0101.jpg 2016-08-08_0102.jpg 2016-08-08_0103.jpg 2016-08-08_0104.jpg 2016-08-08_0105.jpg 2016-08-08_0106.jpg 2016-08-08_0107.jpg 2016-08-08_0108.jpg 2016-08-08_0109.jpg 2016-08-08_0110.jpg 2016-08-08_0111.jpg 2016-08-08_0112.jpg 2016-08-08_0113.jpg 2016-08-08_0114.jpg 2016-08-08_0115.jpg 2016-08-08_0116.jpg 2016-08-08_0117.jpg 2016-08-08_0118.jpg 2016-08-08_0119.jpg 2016-08-08_0120.jpg 2016-08-08_0121.jpg 2016-08-08_0122.jpg 2016-08-08_0123.jpg 2016-08-08_0124.jpg 2016-08-08_0125.jpg

The Details

Venue: Vista West RanchFloral: Petal Pushers, Catering: The Peached Tortilla, Bartenders: Bar Butlers, Cakes: Mindy's Bakeshop, Music: High Fidelity (Reception), Justif (Biergarten & First Dance), DJ: Premier Entertainment Group, Event Rentals: Premiere Party Central, Photobooth: Pix in a Box, Day of Planner: Coordinate This

The Brides' Thoughts

"We started planning for our wedding about a year out, as Austin wedding venues and vendors book up so quickly. We absolutely fell in love with our venue, Vista West Ranch, as soon as we saw pictures of it online and then took a tour - it just felt right for us and what we pictured. From there, we were able to start putting together how our wedding would actually look and feel.

To give guests a feeling for Austin, we had Peached Tortilla serving dinner out of their very cool food truck. Keeping people full and happy definitely helped keep the night going.
Because music has been such a big part of our relationship and lives, the wedding had to have a music festival theme! We had touches of music, loud and quiet, everywhere - from the bands playing throughout the day and night, to our custom ceremony music, to our guest "records" (friends & family signed actual records for us to display in our home). A favorite memory for both of us is closing down the venue, dancing and singing at full force surrounded by so many loved ones!
We had tons of help from friends and family with so many parts of the wedding, and especially with keeping both of us brides happy and away from stress. It's impossible to avoid things getting a little crazy or details just not working out, but in the end, you just have to remember why you're really there and focus on the amazing, unforgettably happy moments. You get to relive a lot of your wedding by looking through your photos, and She-N-He helped capture so many of those moments we want to remember forever.
We can honestly say that the entire wedding lived up to our expectations, and more. Both of us look back at our wedding as 100% the best day of our lives yet. The day was filled with so many perfect (and perfectly imperfect) moments with the people we love the most!"

She-N-He Top 3: San Antonio Wedding Venues by Melanie Grizzel

San Antonio is a city full of culture. There are so many beautiful cathedrals, missions and historic locations that provide the perfect setting for weddings. While I've only had the pleasure of shooting a couple of weddings in San Antonio, below are my top three San Antonio wedding venues based on beauty, location and reputation.

The Southwest School of Art

The Southwest School of Art building has been part of San Antonio history since 1851 when it was established as the Ursaline convent and school for girls. Over a century later, the art school moved to the premises and turned the historical site into a beautiful mecca for art and education that is still vibrant today.


The Hotel Emma

While I haven't had the pleasure of shooting at The Hotel Emma yet, I look forward to the day I do. The hotel building was originally Pearl's Brewhouse, built in 1894, and reimagined as The Hotel Emma, which opened in November 2015. The architecture and design of the hotel sends you back in time as soon as you step inside.


The St. Anthony Hotel

The St. Anthony Hotel was originally built in 1909 as the first luxury hotel in San Antonio. Over the years it kept it's reputation by redesigning and innovating the luxury hospitality industry in SA. Thanks to a recent two-year renovation, the St. Anthony has been restored to it's original glamour with chandeliers lining the ceilings, marble floors and more.

Have a San Antonio Wedding Venue you'd like us to know about? Leave us a comment below!

Ask M: How to Handle Complicated Family Photos by Melanie Grizzel

Photographer Shot List

"My family is...complicated. How do we handle family photos when relations are less than perfect?"

This is a GREAT question and a necessary one. We are totally aware that every family has different needs, especially when it comes to relationships. Are your parents divorced? Remarried? Are they friendly? Or would they rather not have any photos together? These are things your photographer needs to know in advance! Below are three steps to help prepare for those complicated family photos on the Big Day.

1. Be candid with your photographer, there's no judgement! It's important that we're aware of all situations that could arise so we can prepare. If we need to keep certain individuals out of pictures with each other, we will do just that. Should we call upon family units separately? You've got it.

2. Be explicit in your group shot list. Don't list "parents," especially when there are step-parents in the picture. Use specific names, i.e. Mom (Lisa) & Joe. Make notes if there are family members who shouldn't be in a photo together, i.e. "Aunt Caroline and Aunt Lucy should never be in the same photo."

3. Relax! At the end of the day, this is YOUR wedding, YOUR big day. Everyone will be on their best behavior - even Uncle Larry. ;)

Have a story to share? Or a question you'd like answered? Leave a comment below or shoot an email to



This is our series, Ask M, where we take YOUR questions and answer them with honesty, love and care. Have any photography questions you’ve been dying to ask? We’re an open book! Shoot us a note on our FacebookInstagram or Twitter, or just leave us a comment below! 

Congratulations Carolyn & Eric by Melanie Grizzel

These are personal favorites from Carolyn & Eric’s Wedding Collection, enjoy!2016-06-06_0001.jpg 2016-06-06_0002.jpg 2016-06-06_0004.jpg 2016-06-06_0005.jpg 2016-06-06_0006.jpg 2016-06-06_0007.jpg 2016-06-06_0008.jpg 2016-06-06_0010.jpg 2016-06-06_0009.jpg 2016-06-06_0011.jpg 2016-06-06_0012.jpg 2016-06-06_0013.jpg 2016-06-06_0014.jpg 2016-06-06_0015.jpg 2016-06-06_0016.jpg 2016-06-06_0018.jpg 2016-06-06_0019.jpg 2016-06-06_0021.jpg 2016-06-06_0022.jpg 2016-06-06_0017.jpg 2016-06-06_0020.jpg 2016-06-06_0023.jpg 2016-06-06_0025.jpg 2016-06-06_0024.jpg 2016-06-06_0028.jpg 2016-06-06_0026.jpg 2016-06-06_0029.jpg 2016-06-06_0030.jpg 2016-06-06_0031.jpg 2016-06-06_0033.jpg 2016-06-06_0032.jpg 2016-06-06_0034.jpg 2016-06-06_0035.jpg 2016-06-06_0036.jpg 2016-06-06_0037.jpg 2016-06-06_0038.jpg 2016-06-06_0039.jpg 2016-06-06_0040.jpg 2016-06-06_0041.jpg 2016-06-06_0042.jpg 2016-06-06_0043.jpg 2016-06-06_0044.jpg 2016-06-06_0045.jpg 2016-06-06_0046.jpg 2016-06-06_0047.jpg 2016-06-06_0048.jpg 2016-06-06_0049.jpg 2016-06-06_0051.jpg 2016-06-06_0053.jpg 2016-06-06_0054.jpg 2016-06-06_0055.jpg 2016-06-06_0056.jpg 2016-06-06_0057.jpg 2016-06-06_0059.jpg 2016-06-06_0061.jpg 2016-06-06_0060.jpg 2016-06-06_0062.jpg 2016-06-06_0063.jpg 2016-06-06_0064.jpg 2016-06-06_0058.jpg 2016-06-06_0065.jpg 2016-06-06_0066.jpg 2016-06-06_0067.jpg 2016-06-06_0073.jpg 2016-06-06_0072.jpg 2016-06-06_0071.jpg 2016-06-06_0068.jpg 2016-06-06_0069.jpg 2016-06-06_0070.jpg 2016-06-06_0076.jpg 2016-06-06_0074.jpg 2016-06-06_0077.jpg 2016-06-06_0078.jpg 2016-06-06_0079.jpg 2016-06-06_0080.jpg 2016-06-06_0081.jpg 2016-06-06_0084.jpg 2016-06-06_0085.jpg 2016-06-06_0082.jpg 2016-06-06_0083.jpg 2016-06-06_0086.jpg 2016-06-06_0087.jpg 2016-06-06_0088.jpg 2016-06-06_0089.jpg 2016-06-06_0091.jpg 2016-06-06_0090.jpg 2016-06-06_0092.jpg 2016-06-06_0093.jpg 2016-06-06_0094.jpg 2016-06-06_0095.jpg 2016-06-06_0096.jpg 2016-06-06_0097.jpg 2016-06-06_0098.jpg 2016-06-06_0099.jpg 2016-06-06_0100.jpg 2016-06-06_0101.jpg 2016-06-06_0102.jpg 2016-06-06_0103.jpg 2016-06-06_0104.jpg 2016-06-06_0105.jpg 2016-06-06_0106.jpg 2016-06-06_0107.jpg 2016-06-06_0108.jpg 2016-06-06_0109.jpg

The Details

Venue: Montesino Ranch, Floral: Wild BunchesDJ: Penguin EntertainmentCatering: Chef Jay Events, Cakes: Bird Bakery, Ceremony Musicians: Montevista Strings and Jazz, Officiant: Rev. Lorelei Starbuck, Event Rentals: Whim Event Rentals, Bride's Hair: Chairish the Day, Day of Planner: Kelly Palella

The Bride’s Thoughts

"Our wedding was April 2, 2016 at Montesino Ranch in Wimberley, Texas. We had approximately 140 guests. We fell in love with Montesino when we first visited in 2015 when we started our wedding venue search. We wanted the style of the wedding to fit the venue and because Montesino itself is so beautiful very little decorations were needed. As far as wedding planning, our engagement was a little over a year. However, in that year I moved back from Seattle, we bought a house, I started a new job, and we started renovating the house. Needless to say, it was a busy year but we just chipped away at the wedding planning a little at a time and it all came together quite nicely at the end. The most important thing to both Eric and me was that we wanted it to be a fun weekend for all of our friends and family. I think we were both extremely calm on the day of the wedding because we had talked about how it didn't matter if we got off of our timeline or if some small detail went wrong. At the end of the day, we wanted it to be a laid back celebration and fun party." - Carolyn

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer for You by Melanie Grizzel

Okay, okay, we know there's no such thing as perfection but when you're planning a wedding you want to get as close as possible! Finding the (almost) perfect wedding photographer isn't an easy task but so worth it in the end. Below are three tips to help determine whether or not your candidate should even be in the running.

1. Consistency is Key

This isn't the first time I've said it and it won't be the last - review your potential photographer's website and confirm that all the images being showcased are theirs. Some photographers may use stock imagery, you want to know if they do. Once you've confirmed that the images are originals, look for consistency in style. Where no two couples are alike, the style should be clear. You're unique and you want your photographer to capture your individuality in the beautiful ways that they've done for others.

2. Get to Know Them

I can not stress how important it is that you mesh with your wedding photographer. You'll be spending A LOT of time together with pre-wedding shoots, not to mention your entire wedding day. I've had great relationships with most of my clients but some weren't a fit and we determined that early on. That's okay! Wouldn't you rather make that call when you have time to find another, better fitting option?

Not sure how to figure out if you and your potential photographer are a good fit? You can find five of my favorite questions to ask when making your decision in this Ask M post.

3. Get Open & Honest

Find out everything that your wedding photographer is going to bring to the table. What does your package include? Will they be providing any prints? Do you own the rights to your photos? These are all necessary evils that need to be discussed in the beginning. There is no room nor time for misunderstanding, you don't want to be disappointed after everything is said and done. If there is something you need that isn't being listed in the package or mentioned in receivables - ask! Many photographers are flexible and want to be sure you're going to be completely satisfied in the end.

Have any other advice? Post in the comments below! Have a question? Ask it! Odds are someone else is wondering the same thing.

She-N-He Top 3: Austin Wedding Florists by Melanie Grizzel

Ah, flowers, they have the ability to bring life to a room! I always say love is in the details and your florist should feel exactly the same way. Here are a few of our favorite Austin Wedding Florists.

STEMS Floral

I love the work that STEMS does. Their designs are clever, using not only flowers to create gorgeous arrangements but different props to help continue telling a story. They work with their brides & grooms on a full design concept, not just what flowers can be thrown into a centerpiece. Their care and creativity is what saves them a place on my favorites list!

RoseHip Flora

When you think of Austin Florists, you should think Rosehip. They are the epitome of the Austin vibe - free-spirited and creative, not to mention they've been serving the city for over 13 years. The ladies at Rosehip have a very clear vision and bold style that exudes from their designs.

Verbena Floral Design

Verbena is a classic and the perfect match for a traditional bride. Their designs are incredibly romantic with soft, subtle details. The Verbana team can make a simple design look so elegant. They too have been long-time Austinites, serving ATX for over 12 years.

Have a florist that you LOVE? Let us know! We'd love to check them out.

Congratulations Alex & Bonner by Melanie Grizzel


These are personal favorites from Alex & Bonner's Wedding Collection, hope you enjoy!

The Details

Venue: Pearl Events +Ilios Lighting, Floral: Bouquets of Austin for bridal party flowers/pew markers + DIY table flowers/arrangements with wholesale flowers/vintage bottles from mother of the groom, DJ: Live Oak DJ, Catering: Dagars Marquee Rentals, Invitation design/printing by Native Factories.

The Bride's Thoughts

"I had a lot of time to plan the wedding (16 months) so I tried to really enjoy the process. I am very organized so I made myself a to do list and tried to complete one task per month (venue selection, caterer, dj etc.). I wanted the event to feel like family and have everyone we love feel included. We were able to incorporate skills that our friends/family already had  and involve them in the wedding. My uncle and Bonner's grandfather were our pastors. Bonner's mom helped find old glass bottles to make the table arrangements. My mom made the groom's tie, all of the pocket squares for the groomsmen and the usher's bow tie from fabric I picked out and shipped to her house. My Aunt has great handwriting and addressed all of our invitations. Bonner's screen print shop (Native Factories) designed and printed our invitations.  (They even had a drawing of our dog on them.)

My most cherished memory from the day was our first look. There were so many nerves associated with the day and it's expectations. It was such a relief once we could finally be together and get the party started." - Alex

Ask M: What are the top five questions to ask a potential wedding photographer? by Melanie Grizzel

First, I want to introduce you to our newest seriesAsk M, where we take YOUR questions and answer them with honesty, love and care. Have any photography questions you've been dying to ask? We're an open book! Shoot us a note on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or just leave us a comment below! Now on with the show...

We stressed how important your photographer is in our last blog post with a few tips on planning. Now the next step, insuring that the photographer you pick is the best fit for you! Check out five questions to ask when interviewing a photographer:

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

Just like with any other profession, experience matters. There are a lot of unknowns at people’s weddings and being able to navigate appropriately through each situation is important. An experienced wedding photographer has been there, done that and knows how to handle it. They’re also able to provide the bride and groom guidance on photography decisions as well as vendor info and more.

Are all of the photos on your site yours?

This is always a tricky one. While most photographers use their work on their website, there’s always the possibility that the images they’re using are stock, stolen or just the work of a second shooter. You want to be sure whatever photos are winning you over are the same level of work the photographer will deliver after your big day.

Will you be THE photographer on my wedding day?

You might be thinking, “Well duh!” but that’s not always the case. There are some photography businesses who have a star photographer, or the owner of the company, but send alternate photographers out to different gigs. There’s nothing wrong with this and if the photographer is willing to send someone out in his/her place, they must be of a certain caliber, but it’s important that you know this information ahead of time so you’re not caught off-guard the day of your wedding.

Can you send me a link to 3 full wedding collections?

So important! You have a vision for your special day and you want to be sure that the photographer you choose is able to capture the entire experience, not just bits and pieces.Every couples wedding is different and while you can expect to see the best of the very best on a photographers website or blog, it's important to view the rest of their work to make sure the consistency is there and that what you see will truly be, what you get.

Do you have any references?

We're not saying you need to call up past clients and play this out like a job interview BUT it is important that a photographer has people who will vouch for them. Usually this question is taken care of by testimonials on the photographer’s website or portfolio but if it's not, this isn't a crazy request to make. It'll give you the chance to ask the real questions.

Have a question we didn't include that you think is important to ask? Leave us a comment below!


Ask The Expert: Make-up and Hair Stylist Erica Gray brings us her top picks for Bridal Style in 2016. by Melanie Grizzel

Make-up and Hair Stylist Erica Gray brings us her top picks for Bridal Style in 2016.

For spring 2016 bridal hair, think volume, texture and accessories! Inspired by runway looks from designers like Rodarte, Miu Miu, Monique Lhuillier, and Reem Acra, I created three looks on our model, Morgan, an Austin bride to be. The makeup for these three looks was kept the same except for the lip color.

For spring weddings, clients should look fresh and glowing. Loose pigment eyeshadows in shimmering gold, bronze and copper emphasized Morgan’s deep blue eyes (the gold pigment was also lightly swept along her lower lashline.)

Eyeliner was skipped altogether, and I chose a volumizing mascara, since her lashes are naturally long. I used a deep shade of bronzer to contour her beautiful bone structure under her cheekbones and along the sides of her forehead, temples and chin. A soft pop of peach blush on her cheeks was used to brighten her face and balance the contouring.



Look 1: The textured, low boho

Boho looks will continue to be popular this spring, but runways this season traded in braids for a different take on bohemian. Models wore their hair parted in the middle, and hair was either left down or pulled back low on the neck (fastened behind their ears or pulled into a low ponytail.) The key to this look is texture (and a lot of it!). Designers such as Rodarte and Miu Miu showed hair that was loosely crimped, which is a little too edgy for bridal hair. Instead, I focused on creating a lot of “roughed up,” textured volume with hair spray and light backcombing. Matte metallic accessories often accompanied these looks, so when I fastened the front part of Morgan’s hair tightly behind her ears, I did it with oversized matte gold bobby pins (found at Target from Goody for only $3.99!). This hairstyle is perfect for brides who like the boho look but want to keep their hair modern, sophisticated, and sexy





Look 2: The accessory factor Brides have been ditching the veil for years, but this season, hair accessories, especially headbands, were everywhere. For Morgan’s second look, her hair was kept parted in the middle but, but I added a lot of volume on the crown of her head for a vintage, 1950s vibe. I pulled the rest of her hair into a low, centered ponytail full of loose curls. A delicate, wrap­style silk headband was placed an inch behind her hairline to frame her pretty face. Metal headbands or cut flowers would also look beautiful used with this style. This look is dreamy and romantic. This hairstyle is also great for brides who want to show off their long hair while keeping it out of their face.



Look 3: Sleek volume Inspired by the simple elegance of Monique Lhullier’s bridal collection, the third look used volume in a completely different way. Morgan’s hair was parted to the side and brushed sleek with a little pomade to eliminate any frizz. I added a lot of volume to a low side ponytail in order to create a bun worthy of even the fanciest of wedding dresses. I finished the hairstyle with a light mist of shine spray to accentuate the sleekness of the updo. This look is perfect for both a classic and a modern bride, but it would look best worn at a more formal wedding. This updo was finished in ten minutes, so it would be a great style for a bride who wants to change looks between the ceremony and the reception.



Q&A From

Angela S: I want my bridesmaids to be happy, but I would also like their hair and makeup to look cohesive. What should I do?

EG: I am a big fan of giving the bridesmaids a few options of hairstyles to choose from. That way, the girls can choose something that makes them feel pretty but also gives you some control over it. In terms of makeup, if you have one artist in charge of makeup, the look will naturally be pretty cohesive, but there will naturally also be some variation from girl to girl.

Sarah W: I think I want false lashes, but I don’t want my lashes to look really fake. What do you recommend?

EG: Talk to your makeup artist about using individual lashes or demi lashes. You can enhance your lashes as subtly as you’d like!

Morgan P: How do I know what jewelry and accessories go with my dress?

EG: This is a little beyond the scope of hair and makeup, butusually, makeup artists and hair stylists have a good eye for these things. A good place to look for inspiration is on your wedding dress designer’s website or catalog. Another great place is Pinterest. There are so many pictures catalogued on Pinterest now that you might find pictures of the way your gown was styled by other brides. A general rule of thumb for accessories is to determine the focal point of your dress and don’t use any accessories that compete with that detail.


If you have any question about hair, make-up or accessorizing, please leave them in the comments and we'll get you some answers.


Erica Gray has been a makeup artist and hairstylist for 15 years. She started her career in NYC, where she worked backstage at Fashion Week for designers such as Marc Jacobs and Mara Hoffman. Her work has been featured in W, Maxim and Lucky Magazines, and her clients have included Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz. Erica also offers wardrobe styling and personal shopping. Her work can be seen on her website­ on Instagram at @ericagraybeauty and on Facebook at /ericagraybeauty.

Austin original, husband and wife wedding photography team based in Central Tx. We specialize in documentary style wedding photography for couples who seek a unique, colorful and timeless look for their wedding photos. With experience in Advertising and Editorial Photography and Design we bring a unique perspective to Wedding Photography, Bridal Photography, Engagement Photography, and Boudoir Photography as well as Custom Wedding Invitation Design. If you’re looking for the bold, fearless and the Best Wedding Photographer in Austin Tx, you found the right team! Available for destination wedding photography worldwide.

Jacqueline -N- Raymond's lovely fall wedding at the Humminbird House, Austin, Tx by Melanie Grizzel


Jacqueline -N- Raymond's lovely fall wedding at the Hummingbird House, Austin, Tx

From Jacqueline - Wedding planning was a matter of project management for me until I realized the gravity of the even about 3 weeks from the date.  It’s not that I wasn’t excited at the thought of throwing a wedding, I’m just great at compartmentalizing which was kind of necessary for me to do to get through planning and all the DIY projects myself.  Something I didn’t expect was that my emotions got the best of me at the end of the project planning phase and that led to many complex emotions in the 2 weeks before the wedding.  The nail biting excitement that I was going to marry my best friend, have everyone both he & I loved in one room, and enjoy a kick-a$$ party all at the same time got to me!  Each time I went down the guest list for invitation follow-ups, I reminisced about moments & events either I shared with each guest, heard about (as retold by Raymond), or Raymond and I shared with that guest together.   The culmination of each of those loving memories and how they impacted each of us as people, in and outside our relationship, was positively overwhelming.  All of those loving memories compounded on the fact that a marriage, had been 14 years coming, was about to occur; and each guest was partially responsible for getting us there!

On the Wedding Day - I don’t know why I had the illusion that everything would loosely go as planned timeline-wise, but it didn’t.  The hours before the wedding, I wished so hard to be the bubbly bride that everyone, including myself, wanted me to be, but instead I was driven to hyperventilate several times.  Between family members who made the event about themselves rather than Ray & I and timetables being blown out of the water, expectation after expectation was completely crushed.  I was convinced I was going to throw up on myself as my dad and I walked out into the damp lawn, not because things didn’t go according to my schedule, but more because my plans had allowed plenty of time for my family who was helping to be comfortable and prepared, but instead I lead them into chaos! Then I saw the grounds & heard the processional music I’d picked 12 months prior for the first time.  It was still overcast after the rain, but the flowers were gorgeous, so many friends and family were in the crowd, none of my kind helpers looked as if they’d broken a sweat just 30 minutes prior and my best friend was waiting for me at the front of the aisle.  In that moment all of the anxiety melted away and I was so content and at peace.  Our officiant led a wonderful service and kept everyone’s attention even though there was the distant sounds of 90’s rock playing at a neighboring property.  Raymond & I were looking at each other trying to stop one another from not cracking up that “Bad to the Bone” was playing during our ceremony.  Everything from then on out went well, Raymond and I pulled off our first dance and got tons of kudos on it, which was a huge relief because Raymond cannot dance to save his life.  Raymond and I couldn’t believe who wonderful the toasts were, my sisters and Raymond’s best friend and brother did great – and pulled together the best speech’s we could ask for.

After that the rest of the evening was one huge blur, honestly! But here are the top 10 memories that Raymond and I have of the night:

  1. DJ Jeff from Spacecraft Entertainment was amazing and definitely knew how to work the crowd.
  2. Our friend Jim Chambers literally made me dance every salsa song that came on with him – he’s a very intense dancer!
  3. Several family members came up to Raymond and I saying “I had no idea you were dancers”, which was hysterical because we really aren’t.
  4. Raymond’s grandpa even said, “We saw the wild side of Jackie tonight.”
  5. At one point I believe I acted the words of NSync “tearing up my heart” out, which came up on the playlist as a total surprise!
  6. We stole each other away for about 10 minutes to walk around the grounds and take everything in.
  7. Raymond surprised me with a vocal performance of “at last” by his cousin Robby
  8. There was an attempt at a Boys vs. Girls dance off
  9. My mom’s whole squad had a blast at the DIY photo booth we set out!
  10. The night ended somehow with Raymond and I being surrounded by people on the dance floor cheering us on while dancing “Last Dance” – it was both terrifying and awesome J

Then we ran off into the night and were married!

2015-12-14_0130.jpg 2015-12-14_0136.jpg 2015-12-14_0134.jpg 2015-12-14_0135.jpg 2015-12-14_0141.jpg 2015-12-14_0140.jpg 2015-12-14_0142.jpg 2015-12-14_0143.jpg 2015-12-14_0132.jpg 2015-12-14_0147.jpg 2015-12-14_0144.jpg 2015-12-14_0133.jpg 2015-12-14_0145.jpg 2015-12-15_0001.jpg 2015-12-15_0003.jpg 2015-12-15_0004.jpg 2015-12-15_0005.jpg 2015-12-14_0137.jpg 2015-12-15_0002.jpg 2015-12-14_0138.jpg 2015-12-14_0139.jpg 2015-12-15_0006.jpg 2015-12-15_0008.jpg 2015-12-15_0009.jpg 2015-12-15_0007.jpg 2015-12-15_0010.jpg 2015-12-15_0012.jpg 2015-12-15_0011.jpg 2015-12-15_0013.jpg 2015-12-15_0014.jpg 2015-12-15_0015.jpg 2015-12-15_0016.jpg 2015-12-15_0017.jpg 2015-12-15_0018.jpg 2015-12-15_0019.jpg 2015-12-15_0020.jpg 2015-12-15_0022.jpg 2015-12-15_0023.jpg 2015-12-15_0021.jpg 2015-12-15_0024.jpg 2015-12-15_0025.jpg 2015-12-15_0027.jpg 2015-12-15_0028.jpg 2015-12-15_0026.jpg 2015-12-15_0029.jpg 2015-12-15_0036.jpg 2015-12-15_0030.jpg 2015-12-15_0031.jpg 2015-12-15_0032.jpg 2015-12-15_0033.jpg 2015-12-15_0034.jpg 2015-12-15_0035.jpg 2015-12-15_0037.jpg 2015-12-15_0038.jpg 2015-12-15_0039.jpg 2015-12-15_0040.jpg 2015-12-15_0041.jpg 2015-12-15_0042.jpg

Wedding Venue/Coordinator - Hummingbird House / WeddingPhotography – She-N-He Photography and Design / Catering/Bar- Pascal's Catering / Alcohol - Spec's  / Cake - Sweet Stuff in Kyle, Tx / Flowers – Wild Bunches Floral  / Strings – Terra Vista Strings / DJ - Josh with Penguin Entertainment / Photo Booth - Let’s Booth It / Hair - Leidi Like Hair Houston / Make-up - Hint of Shimmer / Bridal Gown - Leila gown by Jenny Yoo, exclusively at BHLDN boutique / Bridal Jewels - Necklace & Pearl Bracelet - Jacquemar Gems Chloe & Isabel Boutique,  Earrings - Kate Spade New York, Gold/Sapphire/Diamond Bracelet – “Something Borrowed” from friend, purchased at The Three Graces Antiques, Bride's Ring The Three Graces Antiques, Tiara – Great Gatsby Headpiece from Stoney Creek Boutiques (Etsy Shop)/ Men’s Wear - Al’s Formal Wear / Menswear - Joseph Abboud Two-Button Navy Super 120’s Framed Notch Lapel via Men’s Warehouse, Groom's Shoes - Mercanti Fiorentini Wingtip Oxford in Black, Grooms Ring - Zales / 

Austin original, husband and wife wedding photography team based in Central Tx. We specialize in documentary style wedding photography for couples who seek a unique, colorful and timeless look for their wedding photos. With experience in Advertising and Editorial Photography and Design we bring a unique perspective to Wedding Photography, Bridal Photography, Engagement Photography, and Boudoir Photography as well as Custom Wedding Invitation Design. If you’re looking for the bold, fearless and the Best Wedding Photographer in Austin Tx, you found the right team! Available for destination wedding photography worldwide.

Andrea -N- Dylan / Umlauf Sculpture Garden Wedding / Austin Wedding Photographer by Melanie Grizzel

Andrea -N- Dylan an April wedding Umlauf Sculpture Garden in Austin Texas. from Andrea: Our wedding was amazing! The whole day went as planned thanks to our amazing vendors, family, wedding party, and especially my mom, who was invaluable from start to finish, I couldn't have done it without her! Planning the event was super easy with Jessica Brightwell at Pearl Events. She was there every step of the way with awesome tips, schedules, and checklists. She-n-He made photo sessions a breeze with their laid back attitude, funny sense of humor, and great appreciation for highlighting personality in photos. Word of Mouth catering exceeded my expectations with their super helpful staff and delicious food. 

For me, one of my favorite aspects of our wedding was the atmosphere and tone for our special day. It was important for us to create a fun filled atmosphere in a space that friends and family would be comfortable. Carrie at Flora Fetish transformed Umlauf Sculpture Gardens into an electrifying, fun, "vintage with a twist" venue that entertained our guests to no end! With her help, we were able to highlight our personalities with games, quirky accents, and style.
The only thing I would change is to spend less time on the dance floor and a little more time to allow myself to sit back and take it all in. Time flew by and I know there were many aspects of the wedding that I missed!
Our wedding day was the best day of my life. Even though the day went by faster than I can believe, I'll never forget how very fortunate I am to have had so many great people, family, and supporters who helped create such an amazing day.

  Venue/Coordinator - Jessica Brightwell - Pearl Events / Photographer – She-N-He Photography and Design  / Wedding Venue - Umlauf Sculpture Garden / Floral - Floral Fetish / Catering - Word of Mouth Catering / Cake - Word of Mouth Catering for the wedding cake and the groom's own mother for the grooms cake!/ Officiant - Victor Gonzales - Austin Wedding Officiants / DJ - Texas Pro DJ / Lighting - ILD / Rentals - Marquee, Bee Lavish, Furbish /      She-N-He Austin Wedding Photography and Design specializes in making your day…YOURS. We capture your wedding just the way you see it. We’re a husband and wife team with backgrounds in Graphic Design/Art Direction and Commercial/Editorial Photography respectively. We bring to you a unique perspective that is romantic, modern and timeless and 15 years experience shooting all over the world. Call us and tell us all about your big day. We’re listening. 512-351-9314. We also service San Antonio, Dallas, New York City, and any and all remote destination locations.

Debi -N- Tom / Travaasa Resort Wedding / Austin Wedding Photographer by Melanie Grizzel

Debi -N- Tom

The very first wedding at Travaasa! Thanks to the Simplifiers, ILD lighting, Rosehip Flora, and a lovely and delicious cake from Coco Paloma. Glamorous, sun kissed fall wedding! Debi and Tom are lovely folks and energetic revelers, as they dances their tooshies off to rhythm and blues all night long!

Coordinator - Dani Viveros - The Simplifier / Photographer – She-N-He Photography and Design  / Wedding Venue – Travaasa / Catering – Travaasa/  Flowers –Rosehip Flora / Lighting – ILD Lighting / Wedding Cake – Coco Palomo / Officiant – Spirit Set Free / Cocktail hour acoustic strings - Hill Country Strings / Band - The Fly Band - Nancy Fly - 512-288-2023 / Rentals - Marquee Rents

She-N-He Austin Wedding Photography and Design specializes in making your day…YOURS. We capture your wedding just the way you see it. We’re a husband and wife team with backgrounds in Graphic Design/Art Direction and Commercial/Editorial Photography respectively. We bring to you a unique perspective that is romantic, modern and timeless and 15 years experience shooting all over the world. Call us and tell us all about your big day. We’re listening. 512-351-9314. We also service San Antonio, Dallas, New York City, and any and all remote destination locations.

Keeli -N- Kevin / Azul Sensatori - Riviera Maya, Mexico - destination wedding / Austin Wedding Photographer by Melanie Grizzel

Keeli -N- Kevin

Destination Wedding:

Azul Sensatori Riviera Maya, Mexico

She-N-He Austin Wedding Photography and Design specializes in making your day…YOURS. We capture your wedding just the way you see it. We’re a husband and wife team with backgrounds in Graphic Design/Art Direction and Commercial/Editorial Photography respectively. We bring to you a unique perspective that is romantic, modern and timeless and 15 years experience shooting all over the world. Call us and tell us all about your big day. We’re listening. 512-351-9314. We also service San Antonio, Dallas, New York City, and any and all remote destination locations.

Theresa -N- Nick / Austin Country Club Wedding / Austin Wedding Photography by Melanie Grizzel

Theresa and Nick!

Man, I had such a wonderful time photographing these guys. Their love for each other is intoxicating. How could I not LOVE this job when it comes to couples like this?!

Theresa's day started with make-up (face kandy) and hair (Danielle Barr) at the Westin with all of her best girls. Then a quick ride over to Our Lady of Guadalupe in East Austin. If you don't know this church, you must experience it.  Tucked into an East Austin neighborhood, the church is quite stunning. It's old and unpolished and yet on the inside its filled with color and light and warmth. Finding the perfect place to exchange your vows can be difficult, but when the couple and venue match as well as these folks - its incredible.  The ceremony, officiated by Nick's own grandfather, was a beautiful affair filled with laughter and tears of joy.  Hopefully no one saw me crying as well, it was so darn easy to get caught up in it all.

Next we travelled to Austin Country Club where the couple was met with cocktails and revelry from their family and friends. Musical Discovery played strings for their cocktail hour while CLINK wrapped up the finishing touches of their wedding decor inside and out. It was elegant, refined, and classy. And then things got a little wild. Nick's family is from New York and apparently it's a New York tradition to enter the reception and start dancing immediately just to give your guests a taste of what they can expect throughout the evening. What an amazing tradition and it got everyone out of their seats and boogying down right off the bat. Penguin Entertainment did a marvelous job of keeping that party going all night long.

Congratulations to Theresa and Nick! we wish you all the love and happiness in the world, and thanks for bringing us along for the ride.

Wedding Location - Our Lady of Guadalupe / Reception Location - Austin Country Club / Getting ready location - The Westin (at the Domain) / Coordinator - CLINK / Photography - She-N-He Photography and Design / Catering - Austin Country Club / Cake - Simon Lee Bakery / DJ - Penguin Entertainment / Flowers - Merveille Events / Wedding and Cocktail Music  - Musical Discovery / Lighting - Ilios Lighting / Hair - Danielle Barr / Make-up - Face Kandy / Rentals - Marquee / Transportation - R&R Limousine and Bus

She-N-He Austin Wedding Photography and Design specializes in making your day…YOURS. We capture your wedding just the way you see it. We’re a husband and wife team with backgrounds in Graphic Design/Art Direction and Commercial/Editorial Photography respectively. We bring to you a unique perspective that is romantic, modern and timeless and 15 years experience shooting all over the world. Call us and tell us all about your big day. We’re listening. 512-351-9314. We also service San Antonio, Dallas, New York City, and any and all remote destination locations.

Helene -N- Darrin / South Austin Engagement Photography / Austin Engagement Photographer by Melanie Grizzel

Darrin is an American in the Air Force and Helene is Norwegian living in Cairo working for the UN. They met while the pair were stationed in the same country, however brief. They played volleyball and Helene quipped her team was the best. Darrin will retire soon and Helene will join him, but they decided to get married now to make the transition a little easier when the time comes. So surprise they're actually just married!

Happy Wednesday.

South Austin - Engagement Photography Session


She-N-He Austin Wedding Photography and Design specializes in making your day…YOURS. We capture your wedding just the way you see it. We’re a husband and wife team with backgrounds in Graphic Design/Art Direction and Commercial/Editorial Photography respectively. We bring to you a unique perspective that is romantic, modern and timeless and 15 years experience shooting all over the world. Call us and tell us all about your big day. We’re listening. 512-351-9314. We also service San Antonio, Dallas, New York City, and any and all remote destination locations.

Page -N- Joe / Barr Mansion Wedding / Austin Wedding Photographer by Melanie Grizzel

Page and Joe from Albuquerque, NM - Married at Barr Mansion in Austin, Tx.

From Page:

Joe and I, both born and raised in the Southwest, met in 2004 in the least likely of places—at Lehigh University in eastern Pennsylvania. After graduation, we knew it was time to move back west, closer to home. After a stint of Joe living in Scottsdale and me returning to my hometown of Austin, we began to feel the strain of being in a long-distance relationship. In 2006, we decided to meet in the middle and relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I really think that’s when we knew we were in it, together, for the long haul.

When Joe popped the question in New York City in December 2011, we knew we wanted to get married in Austin. The search began for a venue that captured the beauty and history of central Texas, but also wasn't too stuffy (Joe and I are not fancy people!). The majority of our guests were from out of state, so our first priority was to find a super cool spot for our celebration. We wanted everyone to get the “true Austin experience”—a little bit of swank and a little bit of country.

I fell in love with the Barr Mansion the second I laid eyes on it. Despite the dreary February weather, the rustic mansion and the contemporary-but-comfortable artisan ballroom were the perfect combination of traditional and modern we were looking for. Our wedding day was picture-perfect: a mild, sunny April day gave way to a gorgeous, starry night full of fun. Everything was amazing.

When we woke up the next morning, we wished we could do it all over again. It was that perfect. In fact, we’re still looking for a reason to throw another huge party!

Location - Barr Mansion / Photography - She-N-He / Flowers - STEMS / Photo Booth - Ed's Photo Booth / Cakes & Catering - Barr Mansion / DJ - Greenbelt DJ / Officiant - Rev. Charles Baskin / Dress - Maggie Sottero / Hair - Brandy Louden Castilleja, The Beauty Store Salon & Spa / Makeup - Origins at Central Park / Guest Transportation - R&R Limousine & Bus / Bride & Groom Transportation  - Enchanted Antique Limos / Bridesmaids Jewels - Fail

She-N-He Austin Wedding Photography and Design specializes in making your day…YOURS. We capture your wedding just the way you see it. We’re a husband and wife team with backgrounds in Graphic Design/Art Direction and Commercial/Editorial Photography respectively. We bring to you a unique perspective that is romantic, modern and timeless and 15 years experience shooting all over the world. Call us and tell us all about your big day. We’re listening. 512-351-9314. We also service San Antonio, Dallas, New York City, and any and all remote destination locations.