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UT Senior and ZTA, Torrey / Austin College Senior Photographer by Melanie Grizzel


Torrey and I met several year ago when I photographed her cousin Sam's wedding at Casa Blanca in Round Rock. Ooh I love that place and I haven't been out there in so long! Click Here was Sam and Hahn's wedding from way back when (two of my favorites.)

Back to the business at hand. Torrey just graduated a few days ago, the night of the wicked central Texas storms over Memorial day weekend. She's a communications major and is currently working at a law firm. What's next for her, who knows. Bigger and Brighter things I'm sure. She's lovely indeed, but also smart, funny and kind. Hopefully comedy is in her future... I got my fingers crossed. Maybe even Second City. Thank you for letting me be a part of this chapter in your life. All the best to you!



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Hannah / Austin Senior Session / Austin Senior Photographer by Melanie Grizzel

I've known Hannah since she was born I have been best girl friends with her mom since WE were in high school. Through the years I've watched her grow and change, mature and regress all to get to this point. I got a text from her a couple of weeks ago, this is it, this is finally it! Graduation! Senior pictures.

I was recently galavanting through the streets of east Austin on the way to a wedding when I passed this wonderful wall, I just fell in love it, ends at a nice curve in the road that serves to block the light a bit but also lets it in at exactly te right moment. The sun sets perfectly, this was news to me ;) The location, within 20 feet, also offers a steal wall and and roof top, and railroad track much to the delight of our dear Hannah. The location is super secret, I'm sure I'll use it a few times and move on to the next muse location.

Hannah was a pleasure to work with. I am so excited for her, a new boyfriend and promising goals for next year. I can't wait to see what the next 5 years has in store for her.

Miranda - Round Rock Senior 2011 - Austin seniors photographer by Melanie Grizzel

Round Rock High School Senior PortraitRound Rock Senior, Miranda's mom works with my best girlfriend from highschool How about that?! We had a lovely day shooting at the Round Rock which it turns out, just like Plymouth Rock actually exists. who knew? I didn't know ;) It was awesome at the beginning of our session she asked me "What do I do with my hands?!" and byt the end of the session she was a seasoned pro. It was great working with you. congratulations. All the best at school next year, knock em' dead! senior portraits round rock

Round Rock High School Senior Portrait

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Brandi Barnwell - Austin Portrait Photographer by Melanie Grizzel

 austin portrait inspirationI was editing a wedding we photographed last spring, last spring... don't panic. I tend to find inspiration in things I've already photographed and this was no exception. I found an image of a young girl with a happy smile sans toothy grin. I was so taken with it I printed it and hung it on my inspiretion wall for further exploration. Then I was recently challenged to make new work and I put a team together and created this. It's meant to marry the image I love,  and the color profile of Anthropology. Here we are, enjoy. More to come if I can find the right models and get our team back together for 5am weekday calls. dress shop austin

black and white portrait in austin

colorful portraits austin

Leslie Gandy Dress Shop

anthropology inspired portrait session

Dress Shop style shoot

brandi susan photography

anthropology inspired

red head photography

Brandi Barnwell photography

kaylin Johnson make-up photography

Hana Fiechtner hair photography

melanie grizzel photography

She-N-He Photography and Design wishes to thank the dream team!

Model: Brandi Barnwell

Styling: Leslie Gandy - Dress Shop

Hair: Hana Fiechtner

Make-up: Kaylin Johnson

Time to get your Senior pictures! - Austin Senior Photographer by Melanie Grizzel

Austin Senior PhotographyIt's time! Time for Senior Pictures! You are moments away from graduation, you don't want to miss out on this amazing photo opportunity in your life. If you book now there is plenty of time to have your images to send out with your announcements.

We're running a special! If you schedule your session by the end of February we'll include 50 4x6 duplicate prints for friends and family.

Call today to book a time for your session! 512.351.9314

Austin Senior Photography

Austin Senior Photography

Austin Senior Photography

Austin Senior Photographer

Austin Senior Photographer

Austin Senior Photographer

Austin Senior Photography

Austin Senior Photography

Austin Senior Photography

Austin Senior Photography

Austin Senior Photographer

Austin Senior Photographer

Austin Senior Photographer

Austin Senior Photographer

Best of 2010 - Austin Wedding Photographer by Melanie Grizzel

Austin Wedding Photographer

It amazes me every year that passes, quicker and quicker now.

Then I get to take a look back and see where we have been... and where we are going.

This year we got to work on a few editorial projects, namely People Magazine for a story about a young father who almost lost his son forever, and the New York Times for a story about a man who reenlisted in the Navy after the military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy was over turned. The world is changing and I am excited that I get to capture those moments.

Austin Portrait Photographer

Austin Portrait Photographer

Austin Portrait Photographer

We also got to work with Door Number 3 on a campaign for Highland Lakes, travel and tourism. Three grueling hot days in August is like summer camp for creatives. Way too much fun! They call this a job!?

Austin Portrait Photographer

Austin Portrait Photographer

This year we also had the privilege of photographing many wonderful couples on their most special day. For that we were both humbled and honored. Thank you.

As an artist it is difficult to turn a critical eye on yourself. I poured through images from the entire year to try to find just the right images for this post and I realized at the last minute that the key should be, which images speak to me. These images may not be the best representation of what She-N-He is capable of or even known for, but they happen to be my personal favorites from this year. I hope you like them. For giggles, let me know which you like the most. Leave a comment with your favs.

Austin Wedding Photographer

Aileen and Jeremy -- Star Hill Ranch

Austin Wedding PhotographerBek and Donnie -- Kindred Oaks

Austin Wedding PhotographyFatiya and Chris -- Hacienda del Lago

Wedding Photography AustinBrandi and Lee -- Barr Mansion

Austin Wedding PhotographyBek and Donnie -- Kindred Oaks

Wedding Photographer AustinMeagan's Bridal -- Hacienda del Lago

Austin Wedding PhotographyBrandi and Lee -- Barr Mansion

Wedding Photographer AustinBrenna and Kyle -- Bella Note

Wedding Photographer Austin

Bek and Donnie -- Kindred Oaks

Wedding Photography AustinJuanita and John -- The Terrace Club

Wedding Photographer AustinCarly's Bridal -- Laguna Gloria

Austin Wedding PhotographerBek and Donnie -- Kindred Oaks

Wedding Photographer AustinChristy and Kai -- Chapel Dulcinea

Wedding Photography AustinCarly and Chad -- Mandola Estates Winery

Austin Wedding PhotographyMaegan and Daniel -- Kindred Oaks

Austin Wedding PhotographerJuanita and John -- The Terrace Club

Austin Wedding PhotographerKatie and Ben -- St. Ignatius Church

Austin Wedding PhotographyKatrina and Andrew --The Gardens of Cranesbury View

Austin Wedding PhotographerLauren and Caleb -- Katy, Tx

Austin Wedding PhotographyKelly and Eric -- The Inn at Pearl Street

Austin Wedding PhotographerLinsey and Marcos -- Reunion Ranch

Austin Wedding Photography

Samantha and Scott -- Brenham, Tx

Austin Wedding Photographer

Michelle and Bert -- Katy, Tx

Austin Wedding PhotographerSara and Dylan -- Mercury Hall

Austin same sex wedding photographer

Duane and DeVere - Hacienda del Lago

Austin Wedding Photography

Sam and Hanh -- Casa Blanca

Austin Wedding Photographer

Ruhi and Chandler -- Mercury Hall

Wedding Photographer AustinSara and Dylan -- Mercury Hall

Wedding Photographer AustinTricia and Jonathan -- Mansion at Judges Hill

Austin same sex wedding photographerDuane and DeVere - Hacienda del Lago

Austin Wedding PhotographerSam and Hanh -- Casa Blanca

Wedding Photography AustinSara and Dylan -- Mercury Hall

Wedding Photography Austin

Tricia and Jonathan -- Mansion at Judges Hill

We also photographed a host of families and beautiful children this year, here are a few of our favorites.

Austin Family Photography

Austin Family Photographer

Austin Family Photographer

Austin Family PhotographerLastly, we had the unique opportunity to work with students in their senior year of high school. They're straddling the edge of adolescence and  we're there to witness those last few steps, it doesn't get any better than this.

Here are a few of my personal favorites from these 2011 freshmen.

Round Rock Senior Photography

Round Rock Senior Photography

Austin Senior Photography

Round Rock Senior Photographer

Austin Senior Photographer

Round Rock Senior Photographer

Thank you so much for all of your support. I look forward to that special time in your life when you need us!

Choose your favorites. I'd love to hear what you think!


9.22.10 Lara Senior - Senior Photos Austin by Melanie Grizzel

Senior Photo AustinLara is a Senior in Round Rock. She's not sure what she wants to do for a career in her life yet, and feels quite a bit of pressure about this.

She is taking advanced credit classes at ACC already.

She is a Varsity Cheerleader.

She's cute and funny.

And she's hoping for a place on the Homecoming Court in a few weeks.

Thanks for looking.



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7.16.10 Matt Senior by Melanie Grizzel

Matt is friends with all of the seniors we've photographed this year. It's like their facebook pages are a roadmap. He's amazing, super cute, polite, plays the trumpet, and oh did I mention he's a brilliant genius? He was offered an academic scholarship to about a million schools, it sounds as though he spent his entire senior year bouncing around from school to school just to decide which school was for him. In the end Rice won, though he is planning (possibly) graduate school at MIT. He's planning a career in engineering. Did I mention how completely impressed I was a the group of seniors from this year. You guys knock my socks off.
1 last thing, he was super cute ;)
Thanks for looking, as always you can view more images on facebook.


Austin Senior Portrait Photographer

5.11.10 Senior Lisa by Melanie Grizzel

I may have said it before, but I'll say it again, I just love shooting Seniors. There is so much life and excitement about the next phase of their lives and I feel privileged to be there during that brief cross-road. Plus their really open minded about what is great, they just want to look good-deal ;)
I'm a little bit bummed that Seniors are finished for this season, we'll have to wait until next season Novemberish I guess. Our seniors have been a little slow to get started. We've have had a real difficulty figuring out how to advertise to high-school seniors. We got lucky this year 1 senior found us and sent all of her friends. Thank you Gracie ;) If you find this and you know a senior who is in need of their shots, send them this way.
Thank You.
As always you can find more images on facebook
See you soon.


Austin Wedding Photography and Design

2.22.10 Taylor Senior by Melanie Grizzel

We shot a senior portrait for a Gracie about a month ago and now her good friend from school ms. Taylor has come for her Senior Portraits. I LOVE shooting Senior portraits. Taylor graduates in June this year and besides being super cute she's also brilliant and dedicated. She was just checking out the University of her choice, in BOSTON!!! I am a big advocate of students leaving home and trying out the other end of the country to go to school. It's the best and most freeing time of your whole life. Try everything out, now is the time. Congratulations to Taylor, sounds like she's made her choice, she'll be a Husky next year. We wish you all the best.
As always you can find more images on Facebook.
Until next time.

Austin Wedding Photography and Design

1.13.10 Gracie Donley:Senior by Melanie Grizzel

I met Gracie last week at Mayfield Park just before she head back to school for the 2nd 1/2 of her last year of high school. Very exciting time in anyones life. She is no exception. She has an impressive list of school she's applying too most I'd never heard of, but Michigan State was on there for it's similarities to UT but that it's a new place to explore. I'm excited for her and her future.
Good Luck to you in your future. Can't wait to hear what your do in life.


Photography and Design

5-30-09 Lindsey's Senior Shots by Melanie Grizzel

So freaking cute. Lindsey is graduating from Crockett High School in Austin, Tx in just a few days. She was a little slow to get her senior shots, but I am glad she waited, cause I got to shoot her yesterday. What a doll. Super easy to work with, takes excellent direction. Love her!

Plus I can't help but be impressed, she's starting at UT in the fall to study human biology, she would like to be research scientist... somehow I don't recall having that good a head on my shoulders at 17...
Thanks for working with us Lindsey it was wonderful, good luck in college we hope to see you again sometime.

3-23-09 Seniors by Melanie Grizzel

3-23-09 I know I want to shoot Senior Portraits but so far have yet to make any bookings. I'm guessing it's because we don't have any senior photos to show. So I took some portraits of BFFs and co-cheerleaders Hannah, Anna and Emily. 

Here's what we got.
Send your seniors my way!