7-30-09 Where HAS the summer gone? / by Melanie Grizzel


I'll tell you!
Since my last post on June 17, I have shot a couple new jobs for People magazines. 2 Meaty stories about miracles and tragedies. The first was the story of the woman who had to undergo surgery for her prenatal daughter who had a tumor attached to her that was nearly her entire size. They both made it through with flying colors and the baby is doing wonderfully. 
The second was the story of young couple in Corpus Christi who lost their young twins to a freak overdose of Heprin. 
Lastly, I just shot a national ad campaign for Kodak. The shoot lasted one day but Kodak will get a lot of mileage out of our images. The team from Bravo Group in New York and Cibolo Films in San Antonio were outstanding to work with. It was a 100% pleasure. They should be rolling out that material any day now. It was a mad rush to get it out in the world. 
I know it's been way too long time since my last visit and for that I apologize. I will try to keep better tabs on the blog.
In closing here are a few images from the people shoots.