She-N-he 2019 Mini Sessions dates are now open by Melanie Grizzel

this year She-N-He will photographing families in
austin, dallas, fort worth, and houston.

Did you know that mini sessions make great gifts? Ask us about our mini session gift cards.
Gift a friend, loved one or coworker with a collections of images they can cherish forever.

Did you further know, that photographs from your session also make great gifts? Framed photographs, personalized coffee mugs, calendars, aprons, key chains, or books, the list of great gift ideas literally goes on and on forever.
Need some inspirations? check out these great gift ideas. For a little more DIY look, try these gift ideas.

Mini sessions are not reserved exclusively for families, if you’re looking for a short senior session, maternity session, or headshots book a single session. If you’re having a family reunion book two sessions and bring the whole clan. You can also have family portrait made while you’re on vacation, what better way to make special memories than to make family portraits in your vacation location. We can do a short engagement session or anniversary sessions too.
Book a slot and let us know what your looking for, we’ll take good care of you.

schedule your ideal date, time and city,
September 29th - Sunday - am + pm Austin
October 5th - Saturday - am + pm Austin
October 19th - Saturday - am Fort Worth pm Dallas
October 20th - Sunday - am fort worth
November 9th - Saturday - pm houston
November 10th - Sunday - am Houston
November 30th - saturday - am + pm dallas
december 1st - sunday - am dfw
December 7th - Saturday - am + pm Austin

Click the booking tab and book your sessions right away.

Sessions are $225.00 + tax

  • 20 minute photo session

  • Online gallery for viewing, sharing, and ordering prints

  • 5 high resolution, digitally enhanced, print ready files, delivered within 10 days of your shoot date. Additional high resolution images will be available at $25 each.

  • 30% off prints for two weeks. (all prints must be ordered by 12.10.2019 for delivery before 12.24.19

Can’t wait to see you guys!

Big announcement tomorrow, Stay tuned! by Melanie Grizzel

While you wait, have a look at these adorable faces.

I just can’t wait to get the holidays season underway!
Or chillier temps anyway…
I’m excited for sweaters, scarves, fallen leaves, shorter cozier days, breeze, Warm coffee on a cold day, Christmas songs, relaxing time with my family…
So many wonderful things to look forward to, it’s hard to count. What are you excited for?

2018 Fall Mini Sessions! by Melanie Grizzel


This year we're photographing families in
Austin, Round Rock, georgetown, Dallas, and Fort Worth.

schedule your ideal date, time and city, and we'll do the rest. 

Saturday September 29th - am & pm - Austin, Tx
Saturday October 20th - am - Austin / pm - Round Rock
Sunday October 21st - am - Austin / pm - Georgetown
Saturday November 10th - Fort Worth, Tx
Sunday November 11th - Dallas, Tx
Saturday December 1st - am - Austin / pm - Georgetown

Locations are TBD but I have some new and exciting spots planned for this year. I can't wait, and neither should you.  Click the booking tab and book your sessions right away.

I really can't wait to see how your family has grown this year!

Sessions are $225.00

  • 20 minute photo session
  • Online gallery for viewing, sharing and ordering prints.
  • 5 high resolution, digitally enhanced, print-ready files delivered within 10 business days of your shoot date. Additional high resolution files are available for $25 each.
  • 25% prints for 2 weeks

2018 Special Offer: 
If you book a session and refer a friend, and they book a session, both you and your friend get a $75 print credit to go along with your package. All prints must be ordered by 12-10 for delivery by 12-25

2017 Holiday mini sessions now available. by Melanie Grizzel


2017 Holiday Mini Sessions!

Vacations are over. The kids are back in school and life is slowly returning to normal. But like it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. Which means, it's time to get the family together for pictures! Lucky for you, we have Seasonal Mini Sessions available!

** Take a look at some of our favorites from past sessions here! **

Just Announced! 

SOLD OUT- Sunday Morning October 15, 2017 Hall Park in Frisco, Tx                                                 SOLD OUT Sunday Afternoon October 15, 2017 Haslet, Tx Location TBD                                        SOLD OUT - Sunday, October 28, 2017 at Mueller Lake Park / Thinkery

Still Available
Sunday November 5, 2017 at the Arboretum
click here to schedule for 11.5
Sunday December 2, 2017 in Round Rock at Main Street Plaza
click here to schedule for 12.2

Investment: $220 + tax

What’s included:

- 2o minute photo session
- Online gallery for viewing, sharing and ordering prints.
- 5 high resolution, digitally enhanced, print-ready files
    delivered within 10 business days of your shoot date.
- 25% prints for 2 weeks


Melissa and Ben's Mercury Hall Wedding by Melanie Grizzel

Melissa and Ben's charming, and relaxed, back yard party influenced wedding at Mercury Hall in Austin, Tx. Vibrant colors and shades of family history adorned this sweet wedding at every turn. Grandma's patchwork quilt guestbook, homemade cookies at the end of the night and games, lots and lots of board games. The night perfectly appointed with a lovely early evening wedding under the oak trees, dinner and drinks, lots of chatting and catching up and lots of board games were enjoyed. Each table had a special set of games and guests who otherwise didn't know each other struck up new friends and foes as they played together. 

Modern Industrial wedding at Vuka in Austin, Tx by Melanie Grizzel

I LOVE Vuka. If I were planning a wedding for myself, I would host it at Vuka. Keeping in  mind of course that my wedding was in an industrial building in New York City - 11 years ago. Ahhh!! What happened?

from Randi (the Bride)  

"I loved our wedding, it was exactly what I wanted it to be: a fun party that felt personal. I didn't like the idea of a wedding being a "production" or an "event" so I tried to stay true to who we are and what we would do if we were just throwing a party. It was important to me to have friends and family involved in the wedding celebration. A close friend of ours was ordained online and performed the ceremony; our friend and former neighbor provided the ceremony music; my mom made pies for the reception; my aunts created our bouquets and boutonnieres; one of my best friends from high school acted as emcee for important announcements; and we asked two friends who are TABC licensed to bar tend. It was such a special gift to have people who are important to us involved in such a direct way! Aside from the few vendors we did use, almost everything else we arranged or created on our own. 

If I could go back and give myself advice, it would be to not stress out so much, especially on the day-of. Up until I was walking down the aisle, I had a really hard time just relaxing and soaking it all in.
Something I'm glad I did and would do the same was keep it personal and focused on our favorite things, rather than try to convey a certain type of appearance. We had queso, Topo Chico, Aviations, and pumpkin pie - there doesn't need to be a "theme!" If there's something you want to do or have, but you're worried it doesn't seem "fancy" or "special." just say F-it and do it anyway." 

Great advice! It's your wedding, do it your way.

Venue: Vuka,  Day-of Wedding Coordinator: Emily Bell, Austin Wedding Helpers, Catering: Taco Deli , Transportation: Metrocycle Pedicabs 


She-N-He Austin Wedding Photography and Design specializes in making your day…YOURS. We capture your wedding just the way you see it. We’re a husband and wife team with backgrounds in Graphic Design/Art Direction and Commercial/Editorial Photography respectively. We bring to you a unique perspective that is romantic, modern and timeless and 15 years experience shooting all over the world. Call us and tell us all about your big day. We’re listening. 512-351-9314. We also service San Antonio, Dallas, New York City, and any and all remote destination locations.

Finding inspiration everyday for engagement photos in austin by Melanie Grizzel

This morning, a fresh new Monday, I had a look at my calendar and found I have three engagement sessions coming up. I have already sat down with one of the couples and we discussed ideas about their session and it's inspired and exciting. This Saturday is going to be a lot of fun! The other two are leaving is squarely in my court. Sometimes when you have too many choices it's hard to make a decision. It's also hard, when you do several similar shoots during the year not to fall into repetitive traps. I didn't become an artist to "crank it out." I got into the business to feel inspired and creative every single day! 

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Experience is key. Get in the world experience life. Have adventure. Say yes! This weekend I joined my sister and her best friends for one of their bachelorette parties. We went to dinner and followed it with a few clubs. I often find inspiration in the decor of a particular place. I remember one time we had dinner and the sommelier crafted these beautiful stories about the wine maker and his vineyard. Very visual and inspiring. In this case though, it was the club that inspired me. Pictures this: The hustle bustle that is the rat race of dating in our current era. Scores of singles trying to score, a fishbowl of society. I imagined a couple, happily in love sitting at a table in the middle of the melee handing hands and chatting over candle light. Everything falls away when you're in love. The couple is still and staring at  each other and there is a sea of movement and blur around them but they hardly notice. 

Sunday, I took B to Neil Cochran house for an afternoon outing. They have gatherings every Sunday in the spring and fall but this was our first time. When we arrived around 2, and checked out the museum itself. Around 4 we went outside to enjoy the weather, which was spectacular. There was a teensy chill in the air and it was slightly windy which was perfect for listening to a small bluegrass band playing on the front porch.  There were lawn games set up and tree swing. I couldn't help but image what life was like in 1855 when the house was built on the outskirts of town. The lazy spring days spent playing in the yard or lounging on the porch. Daydreaming on the lawn at sunset. I know see it too ;)


Sometimes my inspirations comes from books, music and movies.

Photo credit: all are stills from: 1. Royal Tennenbaums 2. Mystic Pizza 3. The Talented Mr. Ripley 4. Singing in the Rain


I get inspiration from fashion, entertainment and art magazines.

The images above were gathered from sites, blogs and instagram none are my own work. I wish I could give credit but I don't know who shots them.


Sometimes the inspiration comes from my own work. I shoot something and I think - "Oh, I could have taken that a step further." Or "That's good, but what if I take it in different directions?" 

These are all shots from engagement sessions that serve as inspiration for the next shoot. 


Inspiration hides in the everyday, Look around, be observant. enjoy. 

Morgan -N- matt / Camp Lucy Wedding / dripping springs, tx by Melanie Grizzel

Its been ages and ages since my last post. I got out of the habit and guess what? I've been a little busy. I've been photographing weddings and a whole lot of Editorial work. Have a look at this Edible Austin feature or this one there's also this feature in D Magazine. So I got a little behind with keeping all of you up to date with all of my fall 2016 weddings and my spring 2017 as well. I missed the opportunity to do a 2016 wrap up and best of. As Monday is almost half way through 2017 (how did we get here?) 

This wedding at Camp Lucy with Morgan and Matt is WAY overdue. Morgan and Matt are both body buildings, you should have a look at Morgan's instagram, it's pretty amazing. Makes me feel guilty being lazy ;) My favorite part of this whole wedding was the surprise auctioning off of the groomsman to benefit breast cancer research. They took 30 minutes of their wedding reception with a professional auctioneer and sold the fellas. It was amazing and heart warming and bought a groomsman, my husband said it was ok. 

King Roman, Baby's first Birthday, Austin Family Photography by Melanie Grizzel

Baby Roman is One. Smiles and Giggles, curiosity and adventure. The whole world is ahead.

At home baby lifestyle pictures in Austin, Tx are my favorite. Being able to mess about in someone's own home where your littles are comfortable is perfect for this age. Ideally they wake up from their nap - and eat like any other day. I arrive right as their getting up and hang out until snack time is finished so baby can get a chance to get comfortable with me, then we move into making photographs. Two hours is about all these kiddos can handle. It's tiring work, being a model. 

If you or someone you know has a one year birthday coming u, give us a call let's schedule an intimate lifestyle session with your babes.

Austin original, wedding photographer based in Central Tx. We specialize in documentary style wedding photography for couples who seek a unique, colorful and timeless look for their wedding photos. With experience in Advertising and Editorial Photography we bring a unique perspective to Wedding Photography, Bridal Photography, Engagement Photography, Boudoir Photography and Family photography. If you’re looking for the bold, fearless and the Best Wedding Photographer in Austin Tx, you found the right team! Available for destination wedding photography worldwide.

Downtown Austin Maternity Session with Beautiful Roma and Anuj and soon to be baby Aiden by Melanie Grizzel

Inseparable pair Roma and Anuj met in India and moved to Austin. Ten years into their marriage, they had been having trouble conceiving and often theought they may never be able to have their own children. The couple have been planning to adopt babies from China and were hitting the right age and magic happened. Anuj and the sweetest most protective Daddy I've seen. walking a few steps of Roma at all times making sure her path is unencumbered. He's going to make a great dad ;)

Roma and Anuj recently moved to south Austin for good schools and a big backyard for their soon to be baby boy Aiden. So obviously, the north side paths of town lake were a perfect location for their maternity session. Rainey street bars and restaurants where the couple courted before they even thought about a family of their own, and walking path the pair strolled thinking and talking about a family they would one day become and the bench where Roma spent her early mornings day dreaming about her baby boy to come was the perfect backdrop for final stroll as a family of two.  


Austin original wedding photographer based in Central Tx. We specialize in documentary style wedding photography for couples who seek a unique, colorful and timeless look for their wedding photos. With experience in Advertising and Editorial Photography and Design we bring a unique perspective to Wedding Photography, Bridal Photography, Engagement Photography, and Boudoir Photography. If you’re looking for the bold, fearless and the Best Wedding Photographer in Austin Tx, you found the right team! Available for destination wedding photography worldwide.

Your Big Day - Be ready and stay loose: Top three things to bring in the room with you on your wedding day. by Melanie Grizzel

Your wedding day will be one of the best days of your entire life. You and your fiance have been planning it for months, even years in some cases. It's easy to be fixated on every detail but I'm here to remind you that your wedding day is the entire day. Take it in and really enjoy it.

It all starts in a room somewhere. Your dress is out of the bag and hanging up. Your favorite people are all a-flutter finishing up last minute details and pouring champaign and pampering you. You're sitting in a make-up chair chatting with the world's greatest make-up artist as she works her magic and lends you her relaxing vibes. The excitement and energy is palpable. In less than 2 hours you'll take a short walk down that aisle to greet your other half. Below are three things we feel are key to having a care-free wedding day.

Top three things to have in the room with you on your wedding day. 

1. your all time favorite people in the whole world.

Bride on her wedding day with the mother of the bride and sister of the bride getting ready at destination wedding in puerto rice
Same sex wedding bride getting ready with her wedding party in austin texas at vista west ranch, bride is laughing and getting dressed in her wedding dress.

2. Champagne and Laughter - a whole lot of champagne and giggles

Wedding Party laughing anf toasting the bride on her wedding day at her destination in Puerto Rico

3. And most important of all, a Breezy demeanor.

You've planned and thought about this day forever and now it's time to just let it go. Not everything is going to go exactly how you imagined it, and the things that don't happen as planned are the stories you'll share with your kids some day.

Bride laughing and holding her wedding flower bouquet photographed but the best austin wedding photographer. Bride is wearing a wedidng gown and a cathedral length wedding veil.
bride in wedding gown detail, buttons down the back of the dress, veil in front moody wedding photograph at Stonehouse Villa in Driftwood Texas

In the end you want the whole day to be relaxed and comfortable. In the blink of an eye you'll be walking down that aisle and this moment will have passed. 

bride and father of the bride walking down the aisle toward the alter during a wedding ceremony at Stonehouse Villa in Driftwood texas, Best Austin Photographer She-N-He

Engagement Highlight - Because we are thankful for YOU! by Melanie Grizzel

As we sat here thinking, what is the best way to start this month of Thanks, it's with YOU! We are so thankful for all of the beautiful couples who allow us to be a part of such an exciting time in their lives. We love getting to know your personalities during your engagement session and are thrilled when you choose us to spend your big day with. So, in honor of you, we highlight some of our all-time favorite engagement photos!

Ask M: Tips for Scouting Photoshoot Locations by Melanie Grizzel

"What are some things I should think about when picking location(s) for our Engagement photos?" - Natalie

This is a great question - thanks, Natalie! When prepping for your Engagement photos there are a few things to help lead you in the right direction:

1. Is there a specific location that has meaning to you? Did you meet at Jo's Coffee on S. Congress? Were you both volunteering at ACL when you bumped into each other? These details are part of your story and totally fun to incorporate in your shoot.

2. There is nothing better than natural light for photos, so a lot of photographers and couples alike choose outdoor locations for shooting. That doesn't mean indoor venues are out of the question, just be sure to keep lighting as a priority when doing your research.

3. Do something that matches your style as a couple. If you're always out and about on adventures, think about staging something on the road. If you're more Urban, find a location you can see the city's skyline. There are a perfect locations all around you, you just need to get creative!

Have you found an awesome location and want to share? Post a comment below! 

She-N-He Top 3: Austin Bridal Boutiques by Melanie Grizzel

The day is here! It's time to search for the perfect dress to say "Yes" to. We've picked three of our favorite Austin Bridal Boutiques based on bride recommendations and style. Take a look!


Unbridaled is the epitome of an Austin Bridal Boutique. They cater to the non-traditional bride who's a little more eclectic, which sounds a lot like my kind of bride too. The boutique itself is intimate and the customer service is superb.

Image courtesy of:

Image courtesy of:

Image courtesy of:

Image courtesy of:

Blush Bridal Lounge

Blush Bridal Lounge is set up in an old home on W 35th street which allows for a unique shopping experience. Each room is lined with dresses and accessories which helps keep brides from being overwhelmed when they walk in. It's definitely a great stop when searching for that perfect gown.

Image courtesy of:

Image courtesy of:

Image courtesy of:

Image courtesy of:

Melange Bridal

Melange Bridal has been serving Austin brides for over 20 years. The boutique is bright and inviting with a great selection of well-known designers. The Melange team is extremely nice and the in-house seamstresses are awesome. *Bride recommendation - Ask for Taylor when you make an appointment.

Image courtesy of:

Image courtesy of:

Image courtesy of:

Image courtesy of:

Have a bridal boutique in Austin that you love? Let us know by dropping a comment below!

Congratulations Meagan & Diego by Melanie Grizzel

These are personal favorites from Meagan & Diego's Wedding Collection, hope you enjoy!

The Details

Venue: Tres Palmas Inn & Villas, DJ: DJ Boxhead, Catering: In-house Chef, Rentals: Melendez Rentals, Hair & Makeup: Sunset Spa Rincon, Cupcakes & Cake: The Pastry Shop, Event Planner: Ahava Events Puerto Rico

The Bride's Thoughts

"When Diego and I first started planning our wedding, we thought we'd stay in Colorado and do the norm -- find a venue, pick our caterers, send out invitations, etc -- the typical wedding way. We saw one venue and knew immediately that we couldn't have a cookie cutter wedding. This day was about us, and we wanted it to be a reflection of our personalities. Then, one day, we thought...why don't we get married on the beach!? 

So...we did. 

Our best friends are from Puerto Rico, so we knew that was the perfect place to celebrate our big day. We planned from thousands of miles away, and after losing our original venue, we put our faith in our (amazing) planner and thought, hell, we'll be on the could it possibly be a bad wedding?! 

Our day turned out far better than we could have ever imagined. The venue itself was nestled right up against the ocean. Thunderstorms are a norm in the afternoons in Puerto Rico, but the rain held out on us (hallelujah!), allowing for a phenomenal sunset. Our decor was simple, as the pure beauty of our surroundings was more than enough. We ate traditional Puerto Rican food, sipped on local Puerto Rican beers and rum, and danced the night away. 

When we initially thought about our wedding, our goal wasn't to have the fanciest linens or flowers, the best food or music; our goal was to bring everyone we held close to our hearts together to celebrate our love and create lifelong memories. Our family and friends from Paraguay, Texas and Illinois joined us on the beautiful beaches on Rincon, resulting in the best day of our lives. Thanks to Melanie and Steve, we can now relive that day over and over again." - Meagan

Seasonal Mini Sessions are here! by Melanie Grizzel

The Holiday season is quickly approaching! She-N-He Photography is offering Seasonal Mini Sessions for all of your family portrait and Christmas card needs!

Date: Sunday, November 6

Location: TBD

Investment: $225

What's included:

- 2o minute shoot

- 5 high resolution, digitally enhanced, print-ready files*

*Additional images available for purchase

There are only six sessions available for November 6. To book a mini session or if you have any questions, email Melanie at

How to Tell a Seasoned Photographer from a Noob by Melanie Grizzel

This is one close to our hearts. Photography has been such a journey and one that I have grown and learned from. With over 10 years of experience, I'll make the claim - I am a seasoned photographer. We're also big supporters of new photographers honing their craft! It takes time and practice to find your strengths.

We feel it's important that you have the tools to make the differentiation between someone who has been in the industry for awhile and someone who is new. Here are three questions that will help with that task:

1. "Are all of the shots on your website yours?"

You may be thinking, "What a silly question, why would a photographer put photos up that they didn't take?" My response - I don't know but people do it. Especially if a photographer is new and doesn't have a large portfolio yet, they may use stock photography to show the style they're inspired by. It's an easy question with an easy answer that can provide a lot of value.

2. "Please send me a link to three full weddings you've photographed."

This is another important request to get a sense of what to expect from a photographer. You can see if the photographer is more portrait-focused or likes to capture candid shots. Which is important to you? With new photographers, they may not have three collections to share, if any at all, which is okay! Ask them to share any examples of their work they have.

3. "Do you have any references?"

All photographers should have references, period. If a potential photographer doesn't have any past clients or professional contacts who are willing to vouch for them, you shouldn't be either. Treat it as a job interview. So, when you reach out to references, ask specific questions such as:

- "How did the photographer interact with your guests?"

- "How many photos were delivered in your wedding collection?"

- "What is one thing you wish the photographer did/delivered that wasn't?"


Have a photography experience you'd like to share with us? Post a comment below or shoot us an email to Seasoned Photographer

She-N-He Top 3: Austin Wedding Caterers by Melanie Grizzel

When planning your reception, there are three things that people will remember: Food, Drinks and Music. Today we're highlighting three of our favorite Austin Wedding Caterers who do it best!

Austin Catering

Austin Catering can make something so simple into something wonderful. They are extremely accommodating and love personalizing dishes for their couples. We've loved them since the very beginning. Oh, and should I mention, they've won four awards in 2016 already!

Austin Wedding Catering - Austin Catering

Austin Wedding Catering - Austin Catering

Catering with a Twist

Exactly what you would think, a catering company that breaks the mold. Not only is their food phenomenal, the caterers will dress to your theme. They'll wear matching suspenders/aprons or even dress in costume if that's what you wish! Their food is unique and the service is whimsical. They've been helping to "Keep Austin Weird" since 2009.

Austin Wedding Catering - Catering With A Twist

Austin Wedding Caterer - Catering With a Twist


Royal Fig

With Royal Fig, the food is downright incredible. They pride themselves on using the freshest ingredients by sourcing organic produce from Central Texas farms. While Royal Fig is a little more traditional than the other two, their culinary training is worth it.

Austin Wedding Caterer - Royal Fig

Austin Wedding Caterer - Royal Fig

Have a favorite caterers we didn't mention? Let us know is the comments below!

Ask M: Advice for DIY Bridal Makeup by Melanie Grizzel

Ask M: Advice for DIY Bridal Makeup

Randi B. from Facebook had a great question a couple of weeks back, "What's your advice for brides doing their own makeup, so they don't look like a disaster in photos- especially as the reception goes on."

This is such a great question because A. The way your makeup looks in the mirror is not necessarily the way it will look in photos, B. Not everyone has the budget for a professional makeup artist and C. Everyone wants to look great on their wedding day!

Below are five solid DIY Bridal Makeup tips for looking great in-person and on-camera.

1. HD isn't your friend when it comes to makeup in photos! Any sort of HD, anti-aging or SPF will give your face a white glow on camera. You don't want to look like a ghost on one of the most important days of your life!

2. Use a brighter lipstick than normal. If you usually go with more neutral tones, don't be afraid of color. Use your everyday neutral as a base and then add a pop of coral on top. It makes a huge difference on camera and gives you a bright, fresh look!

3. Extend your face makeup down your neck and even to your shoulders. You want to be sure your face blends with the rest of your body and there isn't a noticeable makeup line. You can also achieve this by blending your foundation into your neck really well with a blender ball.

4. Practice makes perfect! Do a couple of makeup trials before the big day. This will allow you to practice different techniques and get an game plan together for your wedding day. Also, take photos! This will help you to see how your makeup will be reflected on camera. Pro tip: Makeup artist Joanna Schlip suggests taking photos under different kinds of lighting (fluorescent, natural, candlelit, etc.).

5. Once your makeup is finished and you're ready to go, be sure you spritz your face with makeup setting spray a.k.a. hairspray for your face. This helps to set your makeup and holds everything in place for hours, which definitely comes in handy when you're cutting a rug at the reception!

Two great DIY Makeup resources:

Glamour Guide to DIY Wedding Makeup & Our Makeup Expert, Erica Gray

Have any other Makeup tips for the ladies? Share them in the comments below!


This is our series, Ask M, where we take YOUR questions and answer them with honesty, love and care. Have any photography questions you’ve been dying to ask? We’re an open book! Shoot us a note on our FacebookInstagram or Twitter, or just leave us a comment below!