Ask M: Tips for Scouting Photoshoot Locations / by Melanie Grizzel

"What are some things I should think about when picking location(s) for our Engagement photos?" - Natalie

This is a great question - thanks, Natalie! When prepping for your Engagement photos there are a few things to help lead you in the right direction:

1. Is there a specific location that has meaning to you? Did you meet at Jo's Coffee on S. Congress? Were you both volunteering at ACL when you bumped into each other? These details are part of your story and totally fun to incorporate in your shoot.

2. There is nothing better than natural light for photos, so a lot of photographers and couples alike choose outdoor locations for shooting. That doesn't mean indoor venues are out of the question, just be sure to keep lighting as a priority when doing your research.

3. Do something that matches your style as a couple. If you're always out and about on adventures, think about staging something on the road. If you're more Urban, find a location you can see the city's skyline. There are a perfect locations all around you, you just need to get creative!

Have you found an awesome location and want to share? Post a comment below!