Your Big Day - Be ready and stay loose: Top three things to bring in the room with you on your wedding day. / by Melanie Grizzel

Your wedding day will be one of the best days of your entire life. You and your fiance have been planning it for months, even years in some cases. It's easy to be fixated on every detail but I'm here to remind you that your wedding day is the entire day. Take it in and really enjoy it.

It all starts in a room somewhere. Your dress is out of the bag and hanging up. Your favorite people are all a-flutter finishing up last minute details and pouring champaign and pampering you. You're sitting in a make-up chair chatting with the world's greatest make-up artist as she works her magic and lends you her relaxing vibes. The excitement and energy is palpable. In less than 2 hours you'll take a short walk down that aisle to greet your other half. Below are three things we feel are key to having a care-free wedding day.

Top three things to have in the room with you on your wedding day. 

1. your all time favorite people in the whole world.

Bride on her wedding day with the mother of the bride and sister of the bride getting ready at destination wedding in puerto rice
Same sex wedding bride getting ready with her wedding party in austin texas at vista west ranch, bride is laughing and getting dressed in her wedding dress.

2. Champagne and Laughter - a whole lot of champagne and giggles

Wedding Party laughing anf toasting the bride on her wedding day at her destination in Puerto Rico

3. And most important of all, a Breezy demeanor.

You've planned and thought about this day forever and now it's time to just let it go. Not everything is going to go exactly how you imagined it, and the things that don't happen as planned are the stories you'll share with your kids some day.

Bride laughing and holding her wedding flower bouquet photographed but the best austin wedding photographer. Bride is wearing a wedidng gown and a cathedral length wedding veil.
bride in wedding gown detail, buttons down the back of the dress, veil in front moody wedding photograph at Stonehouse Villa in Driftwood Texas

In the end you want the whole day to be relaxed and comfortable. In the blink of an eye you'll be walking down that aisle and this moment will have passed. 

bride and father of the bride walking down the aisle toward the alter during a wedding ceremony at Stonehouse Villa in Driftwood texas, Best Austin Photographer She-N-He