She-N-He Top 3: Austin Wedding Caterers / by Melanie Grizzel

When planning your reception, there are three things that people will remember: Food, Drinks and Music. Today we're highlighting three of our favorite Austin Wedding Caterers who do it best!

Austin Catering

Austin Catering can make something so simple into something wonderful. They are extremely accommodating and love personalizing dishes for their couples. We've loved them since the very beginning. Oh, and should I mention, they've won four awards in 2016 already!

Austin Wedding Catering - Austin Catering

Austin Wedding Catering - Austin Catering

Catering with a Twist

Exactly what you would think, a catering company that breaks the mold. Not only is their food phenomenal, the caterers will dress to your theme. They'll wear matching suspenders/aprons or even dress in costume if that's what you wish! Their food is unique and the service is whimsical. They've been helping to "Keep Austin Weird" since 2009.

Austin Wedding Catering - Catering With A Twist

Austin Wedding Caterer - Catering With a Twist


Royal Fig

With Royal Fig, the food is downright incredible. They pride themselves on using the freshest ingredients by sourcing organic produce from Central Texas farms. While Royal Fig is a little more traditional than the other two, their culinary training is worth it.

Austin Wedding Caterer - Royal Fig

Austin Wedding Caterer - Royal Fig

Have a favorite caterers we didn't mention? Let us know is the comments below!