10-7-08 Lake Tahoe / by Melanie Grizzel

10-7-08 Lake Tahoe

2 weeks ago Steve and I went to Lake Tahoe to celebrate the wedding of Steve's cousin Erin and the baby shower of Steve's cousin Eric. We flew into Reno (the biggest little city...something) we got to see the sites there in town and drove an hour to the North side of Lake Tahoe. I would like to tell you how beautiful it was but I was napping most of the way. We rented a house with my in-laws Mom (Patty) Dad (Jim) and Brother (Nolan.) It was on a canal branching from the Lake and only 2 houses down from Patty's sister Wendy's house, she happens to be the new grandma and the mother of the bride. We spent the whole weekend doing family things, starting with Saturday morning we through a baby shower for Stephanie (Steve's cousin's wife) and their son Elias Arlo Olesen. In the early evening there was a BBQ in honor of the upcoming wedding on Sunday. Sunday was the union of Erin and Jason at a resort on the South side of Lake Tahoe. So I am going to send pictures with all of the weekend for the next few days to catch you up.
Thanks for looking.
Baby Shower:
My husband's cousin Eric and his wife had a baby just 6 weeks ago and my mother-in-law wanted to shower them with gifts. Sadly The new momma was still recovering from what I understand to be not a pretty comfortable delivery, so instead she threw a baby shower for Eric complete with all of the family women, cake and games. Eric is not a small, timid guy he is rather large certainly sturdy guy, so watching him open gifts and hold baby things for the room to coo over was definitely a highlight of our weekend. He and his wife live in Idaho so my husband hasn't seen him in quite a while and I hadn't ever met him up until this day. Eric was such a great sport to be there and not make the ladies do it ;) Good job Eric.
1. My mother in law, even with borrowed dishes and several miles from home can create quite a table scape.
2. Barbara and Wendy assumably commiserating about being new grandmothers. Barbara in June and Wendy nearly 6 weeks ago.
3. Patty cutting into her now famous soufflé. Yummo!
4. Eric playing baby Bingo, sadly he did not win, too bad I imagine those Burt's Bees gift bags would have done him well ;)
5. Eric opening baby gifts among the wall of baby gifts.
Congratulations to Eric and Stephanie for your new addition.