11-17-08 Pregnancy / by Melanie Grizzel

11-17-08 Since I am officially going to stop shooting for the moment until after the baby comes in January, I am going to fill my time with giving you a daily update of things that have happened over the course of this year. Namely, Steve and I are going to have a baby boy on January 2, 2009. So about 2 weeks ago my good friend Alyssa Kirsten was in town from New York to throw me a baby shower with Suzanne another good friend. The shower was outstanding and we'll cover that this week too. While she was here, I asked Alyssa to shoot some images of myself and Steve for posterity, and all of my pregnancy glory. She had to go to Houston first thing in the morning so our shoot had to be before first thing. Which should explain my hair ;)

Thanks for looking, talk to you tomorrow.