11-19-08 California Baby shower / by Melanie Grizzel

11-19-08 This shower actually took place at the end of October but since I am pretty far behind I still wanted to share these precious moments with you anyway. It started out a pretty classy affair with fine china and green goddess dressing. Then the poop game game out...thanks Kelsi! Which if far grosser in person then it is in the abstract but I'm glad I go to play. As you can see the event was duck themed, I ran around and stole everyone's parting gift and now baby boy will have a slew of ducks to play with in the tub. The party was thrown by cousin Kelsi and Aunt Janet in the 4th shot, it's hard to believe they're related huh? That's them introducing the poop game, most everyone was a fan, but there were a couple of non believers and who could blame them it was gross.

Anyway there are a few shots from the event. See you tomorrow.