1-15-09 Bishop Alden Howe / by Melanie Grizzel

1-15-09 I've been a little bit busy.

So I've not written in quite a while we have been so busy, the least of which is our new addition to our family. Bishop Alden Howe (Alden for his paternal great grandfather.)
In a nutshell we began having company starting on December 26th for the holidays and we have had company ever since. He had holiday guests for the first week + 1/2 then we have had baby guests ever since. My mother-in-law has ben here since baby came to help get us assimilated. Thank goodness we could not have mangaed without her, I have not done laundry or prepared a meal since she arrived. So we are well fed and taking care of our sweet little one. Starting next week we'll be all alone and I think we are ready.
Here are a couple shots of our little bundle, many more to come.