5-14-09 Thoughts from Jamie and Shaun / by Melanie Grizzel

Jamie was so excited about our work that she left messages every so often and full review I can't even see on the knot. I imagine it's pretty good based on her thoughts in several emails.

Jamie and Shaun's wedding was held at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden, Austin on March 7, 2009
March 10 - "omg. We're adorable. Love them!"
March 12 - "I am so excited to see the rest of the pictures! These are wonderful."
March 23 - "Everyone loved you guys and have been so impressed!"
April 3 - "We LOVE them. You all did awesome."
March 10th and 12th were responses to our quick turnaround to the our blog and April 3rd was a week old response to them receiving their discs. We promise final files in 1 month but usually get them to our clients in 2-3 weeks. So it's fun and exciting to get pictures so quickly.
We appreciate all of our clients and with Jamie and Shaun there is no exception. They were cute as a button and comfortable.
We love you guys too. Congratulations! Best of Luck in your new life together.
---mel + steve