6-7-09 Christina + Matt Engagement / by Melanie Grizzel

I shot Christina and Matt's Engagement session @ Mayfield Park in Austin, Tx on Sunday. 

It was really funny, in my old life I was used to never meeting my subjects before I shot them but now working in this industry I almost always meet my clients first.
Not these 2, they found me online and were so excited after our chat on the phone they booked me right from the phone call, Sunday was our first face to face. I couldn't be happier, what a pleasure these guys are, so bubbly and happy. 
They met as camp counselors (really) a little over 4 years ago. They spent some time in different states for college. I heard a great story about an airline ticket give-a-way from Wendy's having to do with saved cups, ask them about it, it's pretty sweet. They are MADLY in love and they really have a great time together always cutting up and making the other feel at ease. LOVE THEM. Their wedding is coming up in the fall, I'm excited.
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We also photographed Toi and Richard's wedding on Saturday @ Green Pastures in Austin. I am working on a collection from the wedding all day today, hopefully I can get those babies blogged by tonight.