8-10-09 Sad Day / by Melanie Grizzel

Today is a little bit of a sad day.

Yesterday a giant branch from one of our 30 year old trees out front cracked at the base and fell on the car. We had the tiniest, but still, rather violent storm that passed through yesterday. We spotted the branch as the rain was coming down. So when the rain stopped I ran out to take a few pictures before we began the removal process. It was unfortunate that the branch fell on the car but when things like this happen I realize the bond and teamwork I share with my dear husband. We went right out there and removed a tree limb together from the driveway. It was no easy feat. I was proud of us. Here comes the sad part. I called our tree guy, he's the best if anyone needs someone, and he is going to remove the entire tree tomorrow. Our front yard is going to look so barren. I'm not looking forward to it.
The good news is, we are going to plant 2 new live oak this fall. I'm so excited. I got the idea from a couple who's wedding is coming up. They are going to plant a tree on the morning of their wedding day. They can watch it grow and blossom with their marriage. We had a baby this year, these can be Bishop's twin pet trees. 
I will most definitely have pictures tomorrow. The men who work in our trees are magic men, they are so graceful while they move around the tops of the trees, cutting away the lifeless parts to make room for fresh growth.
See you then. 
Be well.
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