9-3-09 Inspiration / by Melanie Grizzel

I have been working on a little project here in my office to keep my mind fresh and agile. 
My inspiration wall. 
Every day or so I look online or take some pictures of life experience that will give me a unique perspective on the everyday, so I can have a clearer, sharper point of view. It frees me to put ideas and concepts in my head before each and every wedding. So I have been taking a variety of pictures from movie clips, a screen shot from the TV,  in movies such as Cadillac Record and The Reader. Or pictures of the museum I am in love with. Even children's play time can lend itself to rounding out my vision. I want to share it all with you. Mind you, not all of these images are wedding related or even couple related, but my first choice is. I am a huge Ellen fan, with her wedding passing, recently, she often shows images from their event. Beautiful images all. But there is this image, this simple and elegant image, that carries the weight of tremendous sensitivity and intimacy. I LOVE it. It was used in a gag about Aretha's hat, so sans the hat, this image is wonderful.
I searched all over the net to find the photographer who shot this to give her proper credit, I think this is it. I'm not sure, so if you know better than me, please send in a comment and correct me.
I believe the image was shot by Lara Porzak.
Please enjoy,

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