2.11.10 Inspiration / by Melanie Grizzel

Yesterday I was asked by a couple who I met with, where I found my inspiration. It was such an excellent question and I wanted to share my answer with everyone. 
I find my inspiration in everything, color, texture, expressions, everywhere. More literally, I find inspiration in location, fashion, grooming and personality. People inspire me, sometimes the people I get to work with are afraid of the camera and it's fun to see them come out of their shell, and that's inspiring. And sometimes I get to work with "old pros" in front of the camera and it's a whole different kind of inspiration. I also keep a collection of pictures and illustrations that inspire me daily. I have a bulletin board on the wall that I tack all of this imagery into. I keep collections of graphic art and photography books. I find inspiration in everything, I love Books, Movies, Magazines.  I subscribe to PDN, Dwell, Cooking Light, Entertainment Weekly, and Time. I have a handy camera around incase a movie or a show has a nicely blocked scene. I take a shot of it and save it for my wall. In this batch of images you'll see some images from Cobis images, you'll see a clip from Mad Men, and scene from The Reader. Some several classic French and American advertisements. 
Inspiration can come from anywhere. Especially from you. 
Thanks for asking.

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