2.26.10 Michelle's review / by Melanie Grizzel

Michelle says:

We met Melanie and Steve at my sister-in-law's wedding where they proceeded to get my fiance (now husband) hooked on photography!  They are friendly, down-to-earth and FUN!

Between that first impression as guests and seeing the resulting photos of that wedding, when we became engaged, we knew they absolutely were the only photographers for our engagement and wedding photos!

Melanie encouraged us to shoot our engagement pictures in an unconventional place... the below comment from one of our friends says it all:

"Here's what's cool about the engagement pics:  they were taken in a very utilitarian place, industrial, but there is a warmth that radiates from you guys so the lasting impressions of the photos are of calmness, comfortable familiarity, love.  I think that is the coolest."

The arrived at our wedding well before the ceremony to ensure they got every moment, detail and most importantly EVERY EMOTION!  We didn't even realize they were taking photos all around us at the ceremony.... until we saw the proofs.. and all I can say is WOW!!!  They succeeded in capturing the tenderest moments as well as the craziest moments of the dinner/reception.

I would recommend She-n-He to anyone in need of a professional photographer for not only engagements / weddings, but family pictures, senior pictures, babies... you name it, they will provide beautiful memories you will cherish for a lifetime!

YEAH! we love to make people happy!