3.8.10 Marie + Sean Engaged! / by Melanie Grizzel

Marie is our intern/3rd photographer we have been working with this year, and we LOVE her. She is a ball of energy and so positive, it's magnetic. She met her fiance Sean on a plane flying from some small town in MI to another, a 45 minute flight. At the end of the flight they walked a little, had some lunch and hoped that their next flights were delayed, but they weren't. Sean took Marie's email address and dutifully emailed the minute he exited his second flight. She was so thrilled, and for 3 years the couple met back in forth in their requisite home-towns, until it was time for Sean to deploy. She moved to South Carolina to continue her education in Library Science where his "home base" would be. Then discovered Library Science just wasn't her bag so with a fully planned wedding scheduled for November of 2010 in SC, she moved to Austin to try her hand at wedding photography. Sean, on his half way point leave, came to visit with her here and now both are in love with the each other AND Austin. His time was limited, the weather was wishy-washy and our schedules barely matched up. We were finally able to make it work and here are our results.
Thank you both so much for you time and trust. I had a great time working with you.
Congratulations to you both and Sean be safe, we'll see you in about 8 months.
As always you can see more on facebook.

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