3.25.10 Boggy Creek Farm / by Melanie Grizzel

Yesterday I wrapped up Tricia + Jonathan's wedding At  Mansion at Judges Hill, then I ran down to Kyle for the Weddings Unveiled Event. It was aquite a nice turn out considering the weather and it was a pleasure to meet all of the couples there. Thanks for coming out.
Today I am editing an editorial job for Organic Gardening Magazine that is not going to run until next year, they have to wait until the items photographed are back in season again. So I will not be able to post those until then. I can tell you I went to the East Side Cafe to do the gardening picks, wow, I was so inspired I decided to do the bulk of my produce shopping at local CSAs and farmers sales in the area, primarily Boggy Creek Farms. Last Wednesday during spring break I took my good friend and her 2 kids over there. It's satisfying telling your kids "This morning the earth grew this (enter vegetable of choice here) and someone picked it, cleaned it, I will cook and tonight you will eat it." Amazing. It feels so good to know exactly where our food comes from. Plus until 1 week ago I had never once eaten a mustard green and I wasn't a huge fan of beets, I am now. I LOVE them, they are that much better coming direct from the garden. Boggy Creek has a sale every Wednesday and Saturday, there are also chickens to look at. Wednesdays seem to be good kid parent bonding time. 

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