6.25.10 Blog Stalkers. / by Melanie Grizzel

Yesterday, I met a couple @ the Weddings Unveiled event. Of their couple, the bride, said she had been blog stalking us. Fun. You never know if there is anyone out there taking any notice and sometimes the blog feels silly and narcissistic. Then you meet someone who loves to read your blog. I love it. Sadly we were already booked for her wedding date, but maybe she'll plan her wedding and reception for the same day ;) You know who you are. 

She-N-He has huge news: Amanda, one of our beloved brides, has just become a Bee. She is really excited and we're thrilled for her. She'll be blogging all about her wedding plans and details from now until her wedding in January 2011. She posted recently about her "Priority Number 1: Photography." please have a look.
Thanks for keeping up with us.
All the Best.
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