Don't Settle - Austin Wedding Photographer / by Melanie Grizzel

When it comes to your wedding photography, don't settle for the cheaper photographer.
Wedding photography prices may seem arbitrary but they're not. You really do get what you pay for.

Ask yourself, "Why is it so cheap? What will I be missing out on?"
Chances are the cheaper photographer isn't going to live up to your level of expectations.
If you go with the cheaper photographer you'll likely be missing out on something you value, performance, talent, professionalism, customer service, timeliness, experience or genuine concern for YOUR wedding.

Find a photographer that you love. The relationship you have with your photographer will show in your photos. Cut corners on something that doesn't last as long as your wedding photos.

Speak with a friend about her wedding, what does she value most about her wedding now? Chances are, it's her photographs because they capture the memory and make it last long beyond your wedding day.