Introducing Brandi -N- Lee -Austin Wedding Photographer / by Melanie Grizzel

Austin Wedding Photography Can you tell me about your wedding?

Okay, here we go, it was an amazing, perfect day! The weather was just how we wanted it, 55-60 degrees, overcast, perfect February day, and it started to rain just as we were running to the car! The Barr Mansion was a wonderful venue, so helpful and accommodating, not to mention gorgeous. They did the cake, food, set-up, clean-up, coordinating, etc and it's all organic! We had 75 people for a very intimate setting, which is just what we wanted. Sorry, but if I haven't talked to you in 2 years, family or not, my wedding day is not the day to catch up and make small talk,) Tough! My dress was just right, perfectly tailored to me! Everyone, including Lee and I laughed and cried and it was one of those very memorable weddings with a lot of love and meaning! Everyone kept telling us how us it was!

What was most important to you before the wedding? and after?

Before: As far as vendors go: Photography. The other overall important thing to us was cohesion!! We had many small very special details, and I wanted it to still all look very focused.

After: We hoped that the pictures would turn out amazing! Everyone had a wonderful time, the food, venue, music were all great, so we were just hoping the pictures were great, I don't love the camera and was afraid it wouldn't love me back!

What was the most memorable detail?

The most memorable detail for us was that we did so much of it ourselves! The table numbers, the signs for everything with our own design, like the parking sign, the name cards attached to the food we used for the place cards, the antique scale we bought to put the chocolate truffles on, the Sangria we made, etc

what was the greatest detail from your wedding?

Ceremony: Our vows, the random cat, Chuck- our efficient

Reception: Toasts (really amazing), Music, Cake- Be-a-utiful!!! Oh, and "The Dress"- (it was meant to be capitalized)

After: The photos, everyone goes ape-shit over the book, they can't believe how amazing it was!

do you have any regrets?

A couple that I wish to not go in to online. For the most part no, just 2 things!

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