Bridal Panelist and DJ extraordinaire Sean Alan - Austin Wedding Photographer / by Melanie Grizzel

We met DJ Sean at a wedding this year and he was amazing! The music was very good but I was more impressed when the bridesmaids picked a completely obscure "Melanie" soung from the 60's and he had it ready to cue up in a heart beat. He's incredible and has anything you could ever want to hear. The next night, we worked with him again at another wedding - it's like we're related or something, we see him everywhere. His dance floors are always hopping. Austin Wedding Photographer

"In an effort to save money, some people out there are using Ipods instead of hiring professional DJ companies or bands. Using an Ipod and renting a sound system will allow those people to save a few hundred dollars, play the music they pick, and provide a laid back atmosphere for their guests."  ---DJ Sean

True Story:

Way back when when "He" and "She" got married in New York, we had only been to two weddings before and neither one of us knew how to plan one, so a lot of things were missed or misappropriated. Don't get me wrong, we had THE BEST wedding in the whole world!  But the only thing I second-guess is NOT having a DJ. We instead opted for an iPod and rented equipment.  Steve picked the equipment up the day before the wedding from the rental company and was assured that it didn't need anything besides the cords that were provided.  Just before our service was to begin, Steve hooked up their equipment and nothing came out.  Luckily, Steve's Best Man is a seasoned A/V guy, so he took a look at the equipment and explained that it indeed was working... but that the near silence we were hearing was as loud as it got.  If you put your ear against the speaker, you could hear a faint whisper of the music we were trying to play. Since we had a five hour dance party planned, this would never work.  Best Man David and hero groomsman Jeff put their heads together and came up with a plan.  Jeff jumped into a speeding cab with a hand-drawn sketch of the mixer-board he needed to buy from Guitar Center (the rental company was closed on saturdays).  Moments before we were going to begin the ceremony, the doors burst open and Jeff came running in like he'd found Wonka's last Golden Ticket.  A few cord connections and tweaks later and we had music!

Tragedy averted, this time. But, it's worth the money to have the peace of mind.

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