Kathleen -N- Nick - New York City Engagement Photographer / by Melanie Grizzel

Couple portrait Brooklyn New YorkKathleen and Nick met while work in a Mexican restaurant together in Austin, Tx. She continued with school when he left to go to West Point, then joined him in New York state. She now resides in Brooklyn, NY, while h continues his studies at West Point. They wanted to commemorate their stay in New York by photographing their engagement session in Brooklyn, NY. Kathleen did an amazing job drawing a map to all of the locations she liked but also left some room for chance. We only had the one day and it rained but it made for great photographs. We found a great coffee shop in Vinegar Hill that didn't want to let us shoot but we charmed them into a teeny session before their Sunday morning brunch. It was a welcome change of pace and really got my juices flowing!

We were able to stay in New York for a few days for a visit with all of our friend, just long enough to make us miss it like crazy, though the baby carriage was new. Not fun... I'll just say it. So I don't think we'll be moving back anytime soon... I realized I even missed the subway, 4 years ago, I never thought I'd say it.

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I'm feeling a little narcissistic- I've never enjoyed looking at pictures of myself so much! haha...these are really great! Thanks again for making the trek up to New York to see us...The rain made for some great pictures, but we'll pray for sunny skies in May :)


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