New! Float Wrap - Austin Wedding Photographer / by Melanie Grizzel

destination wedding photographer Introducing She-N-He's new Float Wrap.

Its an awesome way to display your photographic works. Your images are printed on canvas and wrapped around masonite to create a thin wrap. Then the whole thing is mounted on 3/4 inch gator board with holes for hanging. Right out of the box the image is ready for hanging on the wall, all you need now is a nail. And it's lighter and more unique than a matted and framed print. When hung, the images appear to be floating near the wall. It's new and distinctive, why not be the first person you know to display one!

This one happens to be a 16x24 inch print. They also come in 20x30 inch.

If you book a wedding with She-N-He for a date landing between June 15, 2011 and Leap Day '12 (February 29, 2012) we'll make one of these amazing Float Wraps in the 20x30inch size for FREE! that is a $425 value.

If you are a recently passed bride, let us know you'd like this for your home, and we'll make one for you for 1/2 price - $212.

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