Lauren -N- Matt Engaged! - UT engagement session - Austin Engagement Photography / by Melanie Grizzel

Austin Engagement session at UTLauren and Matt met in a geology class at UT. It was my first time to shoot at UT, there are a million different shots to be had there. I love shooting engagement sessions. Couples who may have never been photographed before, are all of the sudden put together and asked to look lovingly at each other. With some couples, they have been together for years and the "honeymoon phase" is long since worn off. Ladies: you're not crazy, not everyone just shows up all lovey dovey, though some folks do. The #1 phrase I hear from every person I photograph at the beginning of our session is "what do I do with my arms?"  By the end of our session you will be a bonafide fashion model ;) This is an opportunity to kick off your engagement, remember why you love each other. I one time had a bride say that her engagement session actually strengthened their bond. Austin Engagement session at University of Texas

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