Amy -N- Keith / Green Pastures Wedding / Austin Wedding Photography / by Melanie Grizzel

Amy and Keith, two of my most favorite people in the world! Amy and I met last year, but as it turns out we actually met WAY before that at a portfolio viewing at Sanders/Wingo. They are both amazing, funny, fun people and I'm glad I know them. Definitely friends now!

Their wedding was held at Green Pastures in late October, Austin was still reeling from the drought from the summer and it was still warm. The biggest advantage was the color of the bamboo in the images. It looked so beautiful at this stage during the summer. The Fig trees, while thin, photographed beautifully! I loved everything about this wedding, even the group shots. As you may know, the group shots (or formal shots) are often tedious and time consuming. Couples can look stressed and tired during this time.  Not these guys! They look casual and comfortable. There is even a frame where all of the members of the family are yelling for their missing member and the groom looks amused. It was a great day! Their flowers were done by Blooms and their DJ, Erik Klimek, got that house rocking and it didn't stop until the mother of the bride came to me and asked "how do I shut this thing down?" Now THAT is a good time!

Photography: She-N-He Photography and Design

Location: Green Pastures

Flowers: Blooms

DJ: Erik Klimek