Julia -N- Cristihan / Just Married! at Natures Point / Austin's fearless wedding photographer / by Melanie Grizzel

Just Married, rainy weather, wedding dress, umbrellas, inclement weather, rain, red, bride, smile, happy, relief Julia -N- Cristihan

(Almost) Just Married! at Nature's Point!

9.29.12 –5:09pm.

Julia was upset and cried for nearly 2 weeks, the weather man had been predicting the worst case scenario for a long while. On September 29th it rained early, but the clouds parted and everyone reported to Julia that it looked like everything was going to be fine. About 4:40 thunderheads rolled in and started rumbling, but still not rain. The guests were assembled and Julia began her decent to the alter, the first drops started falling, by the time she got to the alter it was a full fledged monsoon. Thanks to the quick thinking of In Her Shoes and the staff of Nature's Point, guest were moved in covered groups back to the terrace, starting with the beaming Julia. The room was flipped in seconds and take two began. The rain was barely a blip at the end of the night, their wedding was beautiful and so packed with love. They know in 40 years years they will have an heroic tale to tell about their wedding day.

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