Nyssa -N- Brett / Palm Door Wedding / Austin Wedding Photographer / by Melanie Grizzel

Nyssa -N- Brett's wedding at Palm Door was beautiful, theatrical and full of life and promise. Nyssa, together with her family and friends, created the wonderful beaded flower bouquets. They were perfect, even when they snagged on her dress in the middle of ceremony (I left those shots out.) It's like I tell every couple, it's the little things, the slip-ups and folly that make a wedding charming and memorable. It was no different here, Nyssa and her sister giggled their way through unsnagging the ruthless flowers. The couple imagined trees for their theme, and with the help of her sister and brother-in-law they were able to accomplish the look with theatrical flair, blue gobos and tree limb cut outs. Pink Avocado put together a beatiful vegetarian spread for the couple and their guests. The flower girls looked like little fairy princesses in their custom brown bodices and a HUGE bell of tulle in turquoise and brown, and they both lasted the entire night, and in their outfits! Nyssa wore jewels and carried a handkerchief of her grandmother, who incidentally wasn't well enough to make the trek so they skyped the entire wedding back to her grandparents at home. Nyssa's Dad in his commanding stature came into the tiny bridal suite and looked across room to Nyssa's mom and said "Can you believe THIS is happening right now?" Then he launched into the story about how he and Nyssa's Mom met and how amazing it was that they were here, at this moment, celebrating their daughter's wedding. These are the moments I love, this is why I do this. Nyssa, in turn, surprised her dad by making "Yellow Submarine" their Father/Daughter dance. Her dad is clearly a huge Beatles fan. The love in this family and in this wedding was infectious. It was a great event and super fun party, I am so happy for you both.

Now, let's have dinner ;)


Location: Palm Door / Catering: Pink Avocado

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