Lauren -N- Nik / Green Pastures Wedding / Austin Wedding Photographer / by Melanie Grizzel

Lauren and Nik's wedding was so powerful and faithful, I loved photographing their emotional day!

I love to do this little exercise with couples after their wedding day. We photographed their big day and nearly 2 months later they are presented with their images on the blog. Just before, I ask them to write a recap about what they loved about the wedding. Each couple is so unique. In this case both Lauren and Nik took time separately to recap their wedding day from each of their perspectives. I encourage all couples to do this! What a wonderful gift it is for you, in 10 and 20 years, your memories will fade, but if you take the time to write down your memories now or even record (that's what we did) then you'll have those memories and your album with your favorite moments.

Every year on our anniversary we get to listen to our almost 10 years younger selves recap our wedding day and the few days preceding. I'm glad we have that, it's such a delightful time capsule.

From Lauren:

I was remarkably calm and cool on the day of the wedding until....

While waiting to process, standing in the stairwell, the Ave Maria violin solo started.  It moved me to tears, and my Dad eventually saw and gave me his handkerchief to carry (which moved me to more tears).  Then, when I was singing to Nik after our vows, he started crying and I gave the handkerchief to him (we’re all family now!).
The music at the ceremony is what really made it feel sacred and transcendent for me… I will never forget walking down the aisle to the joyous choir and strings, trembling while trying to smile through tears, seeing faces and catching eyes of beloved friends and family, there to celebrate and bless the occasion.  It was so powerful I almost didn't even notice Nik until I was nearly at his side!

We had planned all the details of the reception to be outside, on the lovely expansive South lawn of Green Pastures.  From the placement of each cocktail table to the stringing of lights in the trees, the placement of the band and dance floor, etc., we had planned where everything wouldbe.

So, of course, torrential rains poured down just after the ceremony as we were on our way there. (Our 1940 Cadillac was leaking water from the windshield and I was nervous riding in the pouring rain, across the bridge. Good thing the driver reassured us this was normal as he wiped off the drops that scurried down the dash!)

At Green Pastures, everything was therefore set up inside (plan B), and we had NO idea where anything would be. Even as we were introduced to all the guests, I had no idea where we were supposed to sit to eat … but, thanks to the Green Pastures' amazing staff,  it all went off as if it HAD been plan A, and no one was the wiser.

As my cousin Dana told me, rain on your wedding day is good luck, but rain on your wedding day IN TEXAS is VERY GOOD luck.  (I'll take it.)

During our first dance, I kept stepping on my dress beneath me.  I was just praying that I wouldn’t trip myself and fall flat on my face! After I changed into my shorter dress, I went to dance with Nik and it turned into an unplanned performance, when everyone turned to watch us dance!  I was too happy to care (but the song did seem really loooong).

All our vendors were great- very professional, with great service, and we were very happy with the final products, especially the band, thebridesmaid’s bouquets and the floral table arrangements, and the food/cakes.

From Nik:
When I thought about getting ready for the wedding I thought, "Hey, it'll be a piece of cake I'll just throw my tux on and show up at the church." They day of the wedding I was rushing around to get everything in order and get out the door. I though it would be best just to go to the church and get ready there. When I got there and started getting ready, I was so nervous I needed help buttoning my shirt and getting my tie right.
While the wedding party was in the foray waiting to walk down the aisle I was very nervous about accidentally seeing Lauren before the ceremony. My groomsmen told me they would watch out for me. I saw white out of the corner on at least two occasions only for my groomsmen to tell me I was imagining it.
Both Lauren and I were pretty nervous about the rain scheduled for that day, but it turned out like we had planned it. It really couldn't have turned out better. We got a good number of photos outside, when it started raining. We hurried to the car, only to have it stop raining as soon as we arrived at Green Pastures. My best man was there with umbrellas ready, just in case.
I was also very nervous about this first dance. Earlier in the day I learned that the dress took more care not to step on than I had previously envisioned. Even so we had a very musical dance. I was worried that we might get bored or not have much to do out there, but it went by in a flash and we both had a great time with it. For the second dance neither of us had planned that. Everyone just cleared the dance floor like it had been planned and Lauren and I just went with it. The last dance we had was a great surprise. As you know we met dancing and have a lot of friends in the dance community. As our friends came up to "cut in" on that last dance, I think that made Lauren and I feel pretty special, since we weren't expecting it at all.
It really hard to say what my favorite things were about the wedding. The time was unforgettable and was the best day of my life. My friends and family were all so supportive and it was a special thing to be surrounded by so many people that we've been blessed with in our lives. It was really the help and contributions of all of our friends and family that made the celebration so special.
There are so many more things I could write about. If you would like to know anything more, please let me know.

Venue/Coordinator – Green Pastures/ Photographer – She-N-He Photography and Design / Wedding Venue - St Austin's Catholic Church/Lighting - D&H Stage Lighting / Band – Alice & the Rubberband (swing jazz) / Sound Engineer – Joey Christopher / Floral Design –Bouquets of Austin / Catering – Green Pastures / Cake – Green Pastures / Strings – Jeffery Wang plus 2 / Car – Classic Limos of Austin 


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