Jacqueline -N- Raymond's lovely fall wedding at the Humminbird House, Austin, Tx / by Melanie Grizzel


Jacqueline -N- Raymond's lovely fall wedding at the Hummingbird House, Austin, Tx

From Jacqueline - Wedding planning was a matter of project management for me until I realized the gravity of the even about 3 weeks from the date.  It’s not that I wasn’t excited at the thought of throwing a wedding, I’m just great at compartmentalizing which was kind of necessary for me to do to get through planning and all the DIY projects myself.  Something I didn’t expect was that my emotions got the best of me at the end of the project planning phase and that led to many complex emotions in the 2 weeks before the wedding.  The nail biting excitement that I was going to marry my best friend, have everyone both he & I loved in one room, and enjoy a kick-a$$ party all at the same time got to me!  Each time I went down the guest list for invitation follow-ups, I reminisced about moments & events either I shared with each guest, heard about (as retold by Raymond), or Raymond and I shared with that guest together.   The culmination of each of those loving memories and how they impacted each of us as people, in and outside our relationship, was positively overwhelming.  All of those loving memories compounded on the fact that a marriage, had been 14 years coming, was about to occur; and each guest was partially responsible for getting us there!

On the Wedding Day - I don’t know why I had the illusion that everything would loosely go as planned timeline-wise, but it didn’t.  The hours before the wedding, I wished so hard to be the bubbly bride that everyone, including myself, wanted me to be, but instead I was driven to hyperventilate several times.  Between family members who made the event about themselves rather than Ray & I and timetables being blown out of the water, expectation after expectation was completely crushed.  I was convinced I was going to throw up on myself as my dad and I walked out into the damp lawn, not because things didn’t go according to my schedule, but more because my plans had allowed plenty of time for my family who was helping to be comfortable and prepared, but instead I lead them into chaos! Then I saw the grounds & heard the processional music I’d picked 12 months prior for the first time.  It was still overcast after the rain, but the flowers were gorgeous, so many friends and family were in the crowd, none of my kind helpers looked as if they’d broken a sweat just 30 minutes prior and my best friend was waiting for me at the front of the aisle.  In that moment all of the anxiety melted away and I was so content and at peace.  Our officiant led a wonderful service and kept everyone’s attention even though there was the distant sounds of 90’s rock playing at a neighboring property.  Raymond & I were looking at each other trying to stop one another from not cracking up that “Bad to the Bone” was playing during our ceremony.  Everything from then on out went well, Raymond and I pulled off our first dance and got tons of kudos on it, which was a huge relief because Raymond cannot dance to save his life.  Raymond and I couldn’t believe who wonderful the toasts were, my sisters and Raymond’s best friend and brother did great – and pulled together the best speech’s we could ask for.

After that the rest of the evening was one huge blur, honestly! But here are the top 10 memories that Raymond and I have of the night:

  1. DJ Jeff from Spacecraft Entertainment was amazing and definitely knew how to work the crowd.
  2. Our friend Jim Chambers literally made me dance every salsa song that came on with him – he’s a very intense dancer!
  3. Several family members came up to Raymond and I saying “I had no idea you were dancers”, which was hysterical because we really aren’t.
  4. Raymond’s grandpa even said, “We saw the wild side of Jackie tonight.”
  5. At one point I believe I acted the words of NSync “tearing up my heart” out, which came up on the playlist as a total surprise!
  6. We stole each other away for about 10 minutes to walk around the grounds and take everything in.
  7. Raymond surprised me with a vocal performance of “at last” by his cousin Robby
  8. There was an attempt at a Boys vs. Girls dance off
  9. My mom’s whole squad had a blast at the DIY photo booth we set out!
  10. The night ended somehow with Raymond and I being surrounded by people on the dance floor cheering us on while dancing “Last Dance” – it was both terrifying and awesome J

Then we ran off into the night and were married!

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Wedding Venue/Coordinator - Hummingbird House / WeddingPhotography – She-N-He Photography and Design / Catering/Bar- Pascal's Catering / Alcohol - Spec's  / Cake - Sweet Stuff in Kyle, Tx / Flowers – Wild Bunches Floral  / Strings – Terra Vista Strings / DJ - Josh with Penguin Entertainment / Photo Booth - Let’s Booth It / Hair - Leidi Like Hair Houston / Make-up - Hint of Shimmer / Bridal Gown - Leila gown by Jenny Yoo, exclusively at BHLDN boutique / Bridal Jewels - Necklace & Pearl Bracelet - Jacquemar Gems Chloe & Isabel Boutique,  Earrings - Kate Spade New York, Gold/Sapphire/Diamond Bracelet – “Something Borrowed” from friend, purchased at The Three Graces Antiques, Bride's Ring The Three Graces Antiques, Tiara – Great Gatsby Headpiece from Stoney Creek Boutiques (Etsy Shop)/ Men’s Wear - Al’s Formal Wear / Menswear - Joseph Abboud Two-Button Navy Super 120’s Framed Notch Lapel via Men’s Warehouse, Groom's Shoes - Mercanti Fiorentini Wingtip Oxford in Black, Grooms Ring - Zales / 

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