Congratulations Aly & Cece! / by Melanie Grizzel

These are personal favorites from Aly & Cece's Wedding Collection, enjoy! 2016-08-08_0001.jpg 2016-08-08_0004.jpg 2016-08-08_0002.jpg 2016-08-08_0039.jpg 2016-08-08_0003.jpg 2016-08-08_0006.jpg 2016-08-08_0010.jpg 2016-08-08_0005.jpg 2016-08-08_0011.jpg 2016-08-08_0012.jpg 2016-08-08_0009.jpg 2016-08-08_0007.jpg 2016-08-08_0013.jpg 2016-08-08_0008.jpg 2016-08-08_0014.jpg 2016-08-08_0015.jpg 2016-08-08_0016.jpg 2016-08-08_0017.jpg 2016-08-08_0018.jpg 2016-08-08_0020.jpg 2016-08-08_0021.jpg 2016-08-08_0023.jpg 2016-08-08_0022.jpg 2016-08-08_0027.jpg 2016-08-08_0024.jpg 2016-08-08_0025.jpg 2016-08-08_0026.jpg 2016-08-08_0028.jpg 2016-08-08_0029.jpg 2016-08-08_0030.jpg 2016-08-08_0031.jpg 2016-08-08_0032.jpg 2016-08-08_0033.jpg 2016-08-08_0034.jpg 2016-08-08_0035.jpg 2016-08-08_0038.jpg 2016-08-08_0037.jpg 2016-08-08_0036.jpg 2016-08-08_0040.jpg 2016-08-08_0041.jpg 2016-08-08_0049.jpg 2016-08-08_0050.jpg 2016-08-08_0047.jpg 2016-08-08_0048.jpg 2016-08-08_0051.jpg 2016-08-08_0052.jpg 2016-08-08_0053.jpg 2016-08-08_0054.jpg 2016-08-08_0055.jpg 2016-08-08_0056.jpg 2016-08-08_0057.jpg 2016-08-08_0058.jpg 2016-08-08_0059.jpg 2016-08-08_0060.jpg 2016-08-08_0045.jpg 2016-08-08_0061.jpg 2016-08-08_0044.jpg 2016-08-08_0046.jpg 2016-08-08_0062.jpg 2016-08-08_0063.jpg 2016-08-08_0064.jpg 2016-08-08_0065.jpg 2016-08-08_0066.jpg 2016-08-08_0067.jpg 2016-08-08_0068.jpg 2016-08-08_0069.jpg 2016-08-08_0070.jpg 2016-08-08_0071.jpg 2016-08-08_0072.jpg 2016-08-08_0073.jpg 2016-08-08_0074.jpg 2016-08-08_0075.jpg 2016-08-08_0076.jpg 2016-08-08_0077.jpg 2016-08-08_0078.jpg 2016-08-08_0079.jpg 2016-08-08_0080.jpg 2016-08-08_0081.jpg 2016-08-08_0082.jpg 2016-08-08_0083.jpg 2016-08-08_0084.jpg 2016-08-08_0085.jpg 2016-08-08_0086.jpg 2016-08-08_0087.jpg 2016-08-08_0088.jpg 2016-08-08_0089.jpg 2016-08-08_0090.jpg 2016-08-08_0091.jpg 2016-08-08_0092.jpg 2016-08-08_0093.jpg 2016-08-08_0094.jpg 2016-08-08_0095.jpg 2016-08-08_0096.jpg 2016-08-08_0097.jpg 2016-08-08_0098.jpg 2016-08-08_0099.jpg 2016-08-08_0100.jpg 2016-08-08_0101.jpg 2016-08-08_0102.jpg 2016-08-08_0103.jpg 2016-08-08_0104.jpg 2016-08-08_0105.jpg 2016-08-08_0106.jpg 2016-08-08_0107.jpg 2016-08-08_0108.jpg 2016-08-08_0109.jpg 2016-08-08_0110.jpg 2016-08-08_0111.jpg 2016-08-08_0112.jpg 2016-08-08_0113.jpg 2016-08-08_0114.jpg 2016-08-08_0115.jpg 2016-08-08_0116.jpg 2016-08-08_0117.jpg 2016-08-08_0118.jpg 2016-08-08_0119.jpg 2016-08-08_0120.jpg 2016-08-08_0121.jpg 2016-08-08_0122.jpg 2016-08-08_0123.jpg 2016-08-08_0124.jpg 2016-08-08_0125.jpg

The Details

Venue: Vista West RanchFloral: Petal Pushers, Catering: The Peached Tortilla, Bartenders: Bar Butlers, Cakes: Mindy's Bakeshop, Music: High Fidelity (Reception), Justif (Biergarten & First Dance), DJ: Premier Entertainment Group, Event Rentals: Premiere Party Central, Photobooth: Pix in a Box, Day of Planner: Coordinate This

The Brides' Thoughts

"We started planning for our wedding about a year out, as Austin wedding venues and vendors book up so quickly. We absolutely fell in love with our venue, Vista West Ranch, as soon as we saw pictures of it online and then took a tour - it just felt right for us and what we pictured. From there, we were able to start putting together how our wedding would actually look and feel.

To give guests a feeling for Austin, we had Peached Tortilla serving dinner out of their very cool food truck. Keeping people full and happy definitely helped keep the night going.
Because music has been such a big part of our relationship and lives, the wedding had to have a music festival theme! We had touches of music, loud and quiet, everywhere - from the bands playing throughout the day and night, to our custom ceremony music, to our guest "records" (friends & family signed actual records for us to display in our home). A favorite memory for both of us is closing down the venue, dancing and singing at full force surrounded by so many loved ones!
We had tons of help from friends and family with so many parts of the wedding, and especially with keeping both of us brides happy and away from stress. It's impossible to avoid things getting a little crazy or details just not working out, but in the end, you just have to remember why you're really there and focus on the amazing, unforgettably happy moments. You get to relive a lot of your wedding by looking through your photos, and She-N-He helped capture so many of those moments we want to remember forever.
We can honestly say that the entire wedding lived up to our expectations, and more. Both of us look back at our wedding as 100% the best day of our lives yet. The day was filled with so many perfect (and perfectly imperfect) moments with the people we love the most!"