My Love affair with Instagram / Austin Photographer by Melanie Grizzel

Instagram picture of driving in the rain in austin, tx

I got Instagram because we were on vacation and I wanted to post what we were up to. Plus, I got an iPhone for Christmas and I never set it up and New Orleans is a much longer drive than I realized. The first frame I ever posted on Instaram is from the highway in the rain pulling into New Orleans proper. After that, I just went nuts. I love Instagram because I have made a commitment to myself to post everyday. That means that I shoot something every single day, even on days when I am shackled to my computer all day, I still post. The format is square, which you may or may not know is my all time favorite format. It offers the "Lomo-fi" which is in my head the equivalent of Kodak VC pushed 2 stops with a filled out negative holder (in the old days - full frame.) Now of course, I am shooting the format of the 35mm camera (rectangle) but my head is always recording it in a square. I LOVE instagram. If you'd like to follow my daily musings, please do so by clicking Melanie Grizzel / Instagram

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