Tuna Fest! 2011 - Austin Special Event Photography by Melanie Grizzel

private chef Last year we had the honor of working with Brandi and Lee Barnwell for their wedding at the Barr Mansion. We were a perfect fit from the start, we had a great time together even from our first meeting. Then we became quite good friends with them. They met in culinary school and Lee went into a sushi restaurant right away while Brandi followed her passions into the pastry and sweets department. Lee works for a pretty popular Sushi restaurant here in Austin where a small gorup of groupies have gathered, well they snatched Lee up and a 50lb Tuna and brought them home. We were invited to this little soiree, I know, lucky us! The food was amazing and so was the wine, ambiance and company! We can't wait for next year.

Thanks for having us guys.

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Tomo sushi

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