Last night was awesome!!! / by Melanie Grizzel

We went to a roller skating birthday party last night. It was incredible. I only wish my knee was as young as my heart. I did take a couple of spills, but they were well deserved spills. I spun around in a graceful move that was sure to WOW the masses when I lost my footing and went flying smack on concrete, on my knee cap. That was the low point. Obviously you see then why I have no shots to share, I wasn't sure I could keep my bum off the floor much less my expensive equipment. Please forgive the non documentation.

Patty (MIL) gets here tonight, we are going to plan some huge gardening project and hit the nurseries first thing for the best the season has to offer. I'm pretty pumped. I know they'll documentation of this ;) + guess what, I saw some tomato and pepper buds popping out last night. When you're loving a plant and taking care of it, never truly feels like 65 days gestation.
See you Monday.