4-25-08 In honor of... / by Melanie Grizzel


In honor of Andrea's nuptials, I thought I'd tell you the top five things I did the day of my wedding for before the wedding. 
1. I woke up as slow as I could, coffee & breakfast with my sister, BIL Doug, and Mom.
2. Then we watched some scary conservative guns and ammo show on cable while they spoke to me all of the wonderful things marriage can provide. 
3. A long hot bubble bath to reflect and think about how wonderful my life is.
4. A trip to a famed New York City stylist house for hair and make-up with my best girls. All giggling about the day, my best friend went to get us lunch at a nearby deli and that was the first time in 10 years and since that I had a bologna and cheese on white. It was delicious.
5. The entrance of Cakeman Raven, he was the baker who made out wedding cake and rather famous in his own right, he travels often with an entourage and is famous for doing the cake for the Birthday of the Brooklyn Bridge he has a section of his website that talks about all of his famous clients sadly we're not on there. But when he came in with 4 people in tow to drop off the cake I was so excited to see what he had come up with, we gave him limited perimeters to work with in and we had no idea what he was going to do. http://www.cakemanraven.com
It was lovely. 
My wedding day was the very best day of my entire life from beginning to end I wouldn't have changed a thing. Some of you may know already, or not that this coming Tuesday April 29th will be the 2 year anniversary of that event. We don't have big plans really, I think Steve is going to make me lamb chops. We are going on a short get away at the end of June to commemorate, after our busy season.
Nearer the 29th I'll add a few images from our wedding up.
Well I gotta split, I have a wedding to attend.
Thanks for looking.
---mel "she"