4-24-08 kudos near and far. / by Melanie Grizzel

I thought I would write about Steve, the he counterpart to my she for the purpose of our business and this blog. He is planning to get a site up himself eventually but since he hasn't had a lick of time, I thought I'd write about what he is up to this week. He is working with another local photographer to design her logo and identity. But last night he was honing in on the final touches for the logo and identity for a medium range off Broadway Theatre company in New York City. He spoke with the Artistic Director who "would like to send him flowers, for the great work he's done so far." So we're both very excited about this new potential market.

I also sent out web galleries for both Andrea and Eduard's engagement portrait and Meg's maternity shots and they are both thrilled with the outcome. Andrea is excited about tomorrow. and I think Meg's pretty excited to start shrink a little and meet her daughter.

And tomorrow is Andrea and Eduardo's big day. I am super jazzed, their neighborhood is super modern and cubist and they'll say their vows in their backyard. I should have some top picks up on Saturday sometime, keep checking back.
Until then...
---mel "she"