4-28-08 Life Raft Day / by Melanie Grizzel


Life Raft Day is something that my husband and I coined while living in Brooklyn, New York. It's a day when you wake up and don't leave the bed,  the apartment is so small you can do most things you from the bed. We play like the floor is the sea and the bed is a safe place. If you must go to the facilities or get food, then you have to walk across furniture or clothes on the way, to stay safe.  The practice has changed a little since then. We live here in Austin now and our house is ginormous, compared to our iddy bitty apartment in NY. It's has been adapted but it's quite close to the original game.
When we have been working a lot and not spending enough time together, this is the perfect opportunity to reconnect and spend the whole day concentrating on each other, with the exception of the 2, 1 hour naps I had yesterday. I love naps, they are so refreshing. So we watched 3 movies and played some Wii, we just got it last week and haven't had enough time to so much as pick up the controllers, until yesterday. We did do the tiniest amount of work, Steve has been working on the pool now for a while and it was rainy and windy and he wanted to make sure the rain had no effect on the pool and because of the wind I had to better secure my tomato plants, as one of them broke off and I am concerned for my little guys. So we spent about 30 minutes doing our respective shore.
 That was it. We're reconnected now. It feels good. 
Tomorrow is our 2 year wedding anniversary, technically today is. Our officiant was not licensed in New York and couldn't perform our ceremony so we were wed at the Justice of the Peace the day before, 4/28/06. 
More fun anniversary news in the next few days. I thought I'd throw in some pictures from our wedding as well. Plus maybe some audio from our wedding memories wave files.
Take care, thanks for looking.
---mel "she"