4-29-08 The Green Issue / by Melanie Grizzel


Happy Anniversary Baby! I know you check it daily.

For everyone else I know I mention it often so I wanted to show you what all of the fuss was about. Those little tomatoes were grown from tiny seeds, now they are hardy 4 foot plants with little tomatoes arriving on their branches. After that is Sage and Thyme. Doesn't the sage have a lovely texture to it? After that is a pepper, I started this in my garden as a starter plant, and I also just moved it because the tomato plants are light hogs and the pepper plant was missing it necessary sunshine. After that are sweet peas there are new tiny flowers emerging on the vines, I assume to facilitate the growing pod. We'll see, it's all about the science.
Thanks for looking, tomorrow I'll show some picts of mine and Steve's wedding.
---mel "she"