4-30-08 Anniversary Issue / by Melanie Grizzel


I'm getting a bit of a late start this morning, I was totally teased by a Robin Meade story this morning, so I stayed to watch and I fell asleep waiting for it and as far as I could tell it never ran...
So anyway, I promised in honor of Steve's and my anniversary I would show off some of the lovely images that Ryan Benyi shot for us on our special day. I could not have been happier with my wedding photography, in fact I couldn't have been happier with any of my wedding vendors
we had Dine by Design cater the event I can't remember the person who did our flowers, Austinites it matter to you she's in New York, but she was great. Our location was stunning it over looked the hudson river and lower tip of Manhattan and NJ. Breathtaking, right at sunset. You'll see that in just a sec. On out honeymoon and during the week after the wedding my husband and I recorded our memories on wave files to preserve their newness and now we're so glad we did. We get to hear about our wedding day as if it happened just that week. It really helps us rekindle the spirit of it. So last night we listened to parts of it, just out memories of our respective Bachelor and Bachelorette parties and Sunday night we'll listen to the rest our group bachelor/bachelorette party (A scavenger hunt around New York City) and the rehearsal dinner day and our wedding day. It still feel quite fresh especially with out memories to remind us. When we originally did it, we were going to type them out, then we thought well instead why don't record them then type them out, then after we listened to them, we think listening to out own voices say the words is was better. Especially when I leave the room and come back proclaiming CAKE!!! which we ate wedding cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for nearly a week after. Nice.
I've been holding out long enough, here are the pictures.