5-5-08 Cinco de Mayo / by Melanie Grizzel


I mentioned before that this week was Steve's and my anniversary, so last night we found an elaborate recipe and made a lasagna together, it was quite good though I can't take all or the credit ;) It's all in honor of 2 years ago we tied the knot in New York City with family and friends. Within the wedding week we did a few things to tie it all together. 2 days before the wedding we did a city wide scavenger hunt, where we met up with family and friends @ Virgin in Union Square, since alot of our guests were tourists and wouldn't have alot of time to tour, we thought we'd give them the quick grand tour. Each participating group was given a list of sites and each group had a digital camera. We were set loose to take pictures of ourselves running around town seeing the site. My group was Hillarie (Matron of honor/sister) Doug (BIL) Suzanne (Best Friend/Bridesmaid) Hannah (her daughter/bridesmaid) and me (bride). Steve's group was Steve, Patty + Jim (his parent) Jeff (Friend/Groomsmen) Kristina (Friend)
I wanted to win so I made my group race and race but alas they all wimped out and got tired. So we went back to the hotel where we met up with the rest of our group who didn't make it in until super late and we had almost the entire cast of the wedding at Chevys @ the hotel, we probably should have called and warned them first ;)
See you tomorrow with some photo booth picts.
---mel "she"
Photo 1
Hannah's first subway ride, we were tring t show her what it was like to ride during rush hour.
Photo 2
Our first site the Ghandi statue in Union Square
Photo 3
Suzanne, Hill, Hannah in front of the Wintergarden, Hill was demonstrating what the mannequins in the window looked like.
Photo 4
Everyone wimping out and wanting to go home and sleep. in front of another site 4 Times Square home of condenast
Photo 5
The winning team. They coined themselves the Roundabout group, they were a collection of friends and co-workers from Roundabout Theatre Company. Loren, Laura, Ethan, Bonnie, Jason Decker (our officiant) and Megan Loren's significant other.