5-6-08 Anna + Alex / by Melanie Grizzel


As many of you know , I have been working on launching our new website for a while now. While getting ready for that big day I have been going over a lot of really great work from yesteryear. Namely my very first wedding I ever shot. Anna + Alex, very good friends of mine in New York City. They had been dating fora short while just 6 months or so when Alex job was going to take him to San Diego, so they decided to wed quickly, just a little over a week to plan. It was on Halloween so many people came dressed in a costume. They married in a photo studio on the lower east side and had their reception @ a fun little lower east side diner. One of the waiters was dressed as a sailor so that made for some fun pictures with our bride. So they married and moved to San Diego in about 2 weeks time. Don't worry Alex work brought him back to New York City in a short 2 or so years. Here are my favs from that shoot.
---mel "she"