5-7-08 Kitty / by Melanie Grizzel

5-7-08 Kitty

So I've been on here for a short while but I am coming to enjoy the idea of a digital journal and since no one is paying attention I can post about whatever I want for now and I choose this. Our cats. Their back story; Steve and I had a happy family in our little Brooklyn apartment for a few years before we wanted a pet and since out apartment was in the 300-500 sf vicinity we thought it would be cruel to have a dog + us. So we opted for cats and about that time, our friends sent an email saying his friend had a landlord (a bonafied animal freak.) was giving away a cat and her kittens so she could continue raising birds. So we intended to take a kitten a raise it for ourselves but when I spoke with this woman she said that we had to take the cat and her kittens and she didn't even know how many there were they were tucked up in an igloo house outside, in March in the Bronx. The weather was predicting the worst snow storm of the season that weekend and I couldn't bare the thought of these kittens freezing to death while we decided so we went and picked them all up. the Mamma cat, not happy about her move. She was such a terror that she almost overturned all of the convincing that I did on Steve. So we brought them home and watch in awe and amazement as nature took it's course with the new cats in out house and after a month all of their eyes were open and they were eating solid food and we slowly started giving them away. We picked our favorite the runt, also the first to leave the box, the curious and creative one, we name him Floyd, then we gave away a brother and sister to the same family a couple up the street and we gave one to the kid who lived across the hall. We tried to name Mamma Hooper but it never stuck, so it's Floyd and Mamma. Floyd is first and Mamma is second in the run of pictures. Thanks for looking.
---mel "she"