5-27-08 Full House / by Melanie Grizzel


This weekend we had a full house. My mom, Mom Grizzel came for a visit. She came in from the 3 hour drive on Friday night and watched the balance of the Lakers/Spurs game with Steve and I and in the morning we chatted and had a fun time before the day started with our eyes barely cracked open, we chatted until we fell asleep again. We went out for lunch and saw the new Indiana Jones movie. 
It was the tiniest bit difficult for me to have a nice time because I was on call for People Magazine for an exclusive story. It was supposed to be done on Saturday but instead they called at the end of the day on Saturday with details about our shoot on Sunday instead. So Steve and I drove to an undisclosed location to cover the story with a local People stringer Anne. It was nice to meet her and our subject. The story should run on Friday. 3 pages I'm told, which is great for a non celebrity story in People. It's an exciting story and since we had an exclusive they gave us lots of room to run with it.  I'll post some pictures on Saturday after People gets their exclusive.
Mom had to go home on Monday morning, she is getting ready to sell her house and she needed to start getting it in order and cleaned out for her first open house soon. 
Just 5 hours after mom left we had our great friends Adam, Carlos, and Pam come to visit from New York. Pam is moving to Sante Fe, so she asked Adam to make the road trip with her and he looked on the atlas and saw that they would be going to Texas and assumed it would be a quick shot down to Austin so he called last month and asked if it would be alright to pop by. Then one night in a drunk blur Pam and Adam invited Carlos and he accepted so it was the 3 of them. They arrived on Monday at about 2pm and we started with margaritas and then we went out for Mexican. We took them to SoCo and we had Amy's, but they were really tired form their trip so we went home and they we all crashed accept Adam who apparently doesn't need sleep. We all got up and Steve went to work and they went on the last leg of their journey to Sante Fe. For the record they did stop in Memphis for some site seeing, it wasn't all just driving like you're in a race. It was sad to see them go, but Adam says he's coming back soon to spend some more time. 
We really thank you guys so much for taking the extra day out of your trip to come and visit with us.
So as I said I will post some shots from the People project on Saturday.
Thanks so much for looking.