9-29-08 Maxwell House in New York / by Melanie Grizzel


In August, I was sent to New York to shoot a national ad campaign for Maxwell House, the images have not yet run in their markets. Instead I thought I'd send you a couple of out takes.
The first one is a set to see where everything was landing in terms of spacing and whatnot.
The image consists of my art director (left) my agent Paula Gren (middle left) the world's greatest assistant Alyssa (middle right) and The world's husband Steve Howe (right.)
It was rough seas that day and we were only on the  boat for about 3 hours but I have never been so sick in my life. I took everything I could to combat it and I even wore pressure point bracelets and I still got so sick. There are a couple of pictures of me laying on the bow praying to make it off the boat alive, but I'll keep those to myself. I now understand that pregnant woman get worse sick than those who are not. I wish someone would have told me sooner ;)
Tomorrow we'll have shots from the feature for the New York Times. Austin City Limits festival.
The following 2 images are 2 different set-ups and we shot on a tiny yacht floating the Hudson River that day.