/ by Melanie Grizzel

9-28-08 We are shooting ACL for the New York Times yesterday and today. It's nice to see the show under the wing of the New York Times because people treat you like royalty and thank goodness, because it's a hard job to do sometimes.

We don't have any pictures for you for that yet since the newspaper gets first dibs and they are publishing on Tuesday.
So today instead I am going to put together from our most recent party. Steve and I found out we were pregnant in April and until recently it was both a boy and a girl. 20 weeks came about 5 weeks ago so we learned we are being blessed with a sweet faced  baby boy and we are overjoyed. So we had a party with all of our family to celebrate him. It was a BBQ and pool party. The next day our family stuck around to help us with some home improvements items, like changing out a ceiling fan, all things I can't do while I am in the family way ;) I was in the pool the day of the party so I didn't take any pictures.
however her are some pictures of our home improvement day, Hill and Reagan supervising, a fine example of how not to use 2 ladders, frustrated Steve reinstalling the ceiling fan, Steve's Dad staying a safe distance, and how many men does it take to install a ceiling fan anyway?! Just kidding everyone we appreciate all of your help.